Stephen A. Smith Wants Colin Kaepernick Back On The Field | Final Take | First Take | ESPN

In his final take, Stephen A. Smith says he wants QB Colin Kaepernick back on the field.

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  1. Where are those who knelt with Kaep now? This is why you better be one of the best to take a stand, be so damn good that they can't silence you.

  2. This is not about black or white. It's about green. Teams spend hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of hours trying to put together a cohesive championship team. Team chemistry is important. Who wants a guy on the team that is going to cause division and distraction from that goal?? If there are guys on the team whose family members or friends have served in the military and may have been injured or killed that is jugular issue to that person. Does not matter if Kaepernick meant it that way. If it is taken that way the damage is still done.

  3. Kaeperprick is a dead man walking in the NFL, as endorser, and in the private sector. His future choices will be limited to working at businesses owned by Black Lives Matters members or like most, collect a govt check every month.

  4. I cannot entirely agree with Stephen A.'s message on this issue. There is, for me, a bigger implication in play. Kaepernick, I sometimes feel inclined to believe, might completely have underestimated the possible "punishment" he might face for his decision to not kneel for the Anthem. However, if he did fully understand he might be forced out of the League, and decided to proceed with his protest, then I admire him for following the courage of his convictions, given the potential cost to himself. I would freely and gladly apologize for being wrong to consider that he had not thought this all the way out. It was a decision that people before him like Ali and Martin Luther King had to make (King paying the ultimate price for his choice), and I'm very prepared to accept that Kaepernick was very conscious that he was making the same choice.

    I am very uncomfortable with Smith making it about money, about a $12 million dollar contract Kaepernick might lose. In my opinion, it somehow diminishes what has transpired. Sometimes it doesn't matter if it's 12 million dollars or 12 cents – it's about commitment to a belief. Players have been making multi-million dollars salaries for awhile, while at the same time being exploited – money does not solve every wrong.

  5. if people want kap to have a job than 2 things will need to happen. 1: the buzz around him will need to die out so teams aren't worried about fan and media backlash (aka stop bringing up his name). 2: kap will need to be willing to either take a back up job (which he had), take a position in a starter battle (risk losing), or wait until a team is desperate enough for him to start.

  6. For all the white people claiming blacks are racist or blacks can't be racist too, Um I'm pretty sure black people can't blackball whites out the National Football League like how the majority white owned teams are doing to Kaepernick. That's the epitome of racism.

  7. another example of white people wanting you to do what they want open your eyes people that man put his body in harm's way and this is how you do him I would not stand either fuck the NFL it's rigged anyway

  8. Colon is an attention seeking afroed Oreo with an identity crisis. He sat for The Anthem because he lost his starting job. He knelt for it because no one was watching him sit. He brought shame and disgrace to the NFL. He is now pretending to care about Somalia, a country he knows nothing about. I will actively boycott any team who hires him. There are consequences for your actions, even when you are a half black man who grew up with "white privilege."

  9. Stephen A is a complete moron. I don't know how this guy has a job, well wait, he works for liberal espn so. Professional athletes have no business getting involved with politics. Rich, wealthy white people are the ones who buy tickets and they also support the police. These NFL owners know that and that's why they want nothing to do with Kaepernick. Donald Sterling got forced to sell the Clippers for saying something in private and these damn liberals on espn applauded it but Kaepernick spits in the face of our military, first responders etc. And all of these morons like Stephen A say he's getting black balled and of course they play the race card every time. If Tom Brady or JJ Watt led a protest against criminals that killed cops espn would want them kicked out of the league.

  10. COLIN KAEPERNICK IS A HERO ! STAND UP DUDE ! Who took a knee for the greater good of our people. Mr. Kaepernick  risked and sacrificed more than most common folks will ever dream of having. In my book , that makes Colin Kaepernick a Super HERO , with my full support 1000% , no doubt . And I look forward to seeing him back on the field as well . As a matter of fact I refuse anything NFL ( Boycott) , until such time that Colin Kaepernick is back on the field .    Honorable US AIR FORCE VETERAN/ California State Military Reserve ( Staff Sargent). Yeah, that's right.

  11. In the NFL it's
    "What have you done for me lately", SO, Let's go to the video tape:

    With Colon
    Kraperdick as the starting QB for the 49er's: 

    2014 – 8 wins, 8 loses

    2015 – 2 wins, 6 loses

    2016 – 1 win 10 loses

    Yes it makes sense to me. I can't see why all 32 teams in the league are not getting in line to sign
    this flash in the pan, has been!

  12. The NFL is racist. Almost all black players we need more diversity not only in coaching and ownership but on the field. I want equal representation in players, coaching and ownership. Too many black players not enough black coaches or owners make it happen racist KKK NFL.

  13. Imagine this clown Smith calling the NFL "RACIST"……………
    70% black but it's racism keeping kapaerDICK off NFL rosters?
    I'm bettin' there are 20 some OL and 20 some ILB's who are white sittin' at home each year because of "racism" and not one fumin' word gets said.
    The heck with Smith and ESPN.  Had someone said something about Tebow and the way he got black-balled ESPN would've fired their @zzzzzzzzes that day.

  14. So the fans have no say? Well the NFL took note with a 26% drop off in viewing last year. Which was attributed to CK "protest" "highlighting" social injustice.

    People act as if NFL fans weren't attuned to the message. We seen #BLM and others "protest". We seen Dallas and Louisiana Police officers targeted for assassination.

    Yes ck has his rights. We the American people, have our rights too. And last year the NFL and their advertisers felt it…-26% in viewership.

    This isn't campus or St Louis/Baltimore riots, this is people telling you to stop. Or don't…'s a losing proposition for your cause.

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