Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Believe Steph Curry Wasn’t Mocking LeBron James | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says he doesn’t believe Steph Curry wasn’t mocking LeBron James in a video from Harrison Barnes’ wedding, but adds that the NBA champion doesn’t need to justify his action.

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  1. These muthafuccas always talking about this killer mentality like steph curry has that. Kyrie has it more than both of them so that doesn't mean lebron isn't the best player ever.

  2. finally Thank You Stephen A for FINALLY explaining it is not physical ability that separates Lebron from the other greats like MJ and Kobe it is mentality. You don't get the name Black Mamba because your a friend to the world you get that from crushing souls under your soles MJ and Kobe were "assasin's" Lebron is more of a Magic Johnson type so could be be better than MJ yes If we are at Iron man's house and we are talking about Magic Johnson!

  3. The difference in mentality obviously comes as a direct result of the sheer size of LeBron compared to Kobe and Jordan. They had to act like tough guys because they were not physically imposing. LeBron Is a very large man by any sport's standards and has no reason to act like he'll fuck you up. Even though he knows he can.

  4. Cleveland gets 3-1 cookies and a Stephen Curry dummy, nobody bats an eye.Curry does an internet challenge at wedding where he is supposed to be having a good time, everyone loses their minds.

  5. Lol no one fears lebron. Ask the players in the east about that. And besided rhe stacked warriors even the west fears lebron but they dont even get a shot at facing him in the playoffs

  6. I agree with Stephen, if draymond hadn't been suspended they would've won. Honestly that's like the cavs not having Kevin love who is a big piecework their team. Draymond also was one of their best defenders

  7. People reading way too much into this whole situation. LeBron recorded himself doing something extremely mockable, and someone else got caught mocking him. It's all just for fun. Guys bust each other's balls. Simple as that.

  8. Max 100% correct on this. With all the players SAS mentioned that were injured or suspended in the 2016 finals, which he used as excuse why Cavs won, were they gonna be injured or suspended in this year 2017 finals? Baring no injuries or suspensions according to SAS the Dubs would've been the clear cut champs this year, but for some reason they felt different and went after KD. If the Dubs did not have some sort of fear for Bron and the Cavs, the Dubs players wouldn't have recruited KD right after the finals. They're huffing and puffing now because they added KD

  9. Why People upset with Warriors because they got Kevin Durant, Remember LeBron took advantage of team when he had Dwyane Wade the top 3 best SG of all times and the 2nd best SG in league at that time, Chris Bosh Top 3 best PF in the League and had A Great season with Raptors before he took his talents to South Beach.. Teams feared The Heats because they had a Big 3 when teams didn't have the pieces to win against them because they was dominant players, Kevin Durant probably felt violated that LeBron had a team that took advantage of OKC in the finals in 2012 .. KD was only like 22 of age vs LeBron 28 of age, 2012 Finals 22 year old KD average 30 ppg in the finals vs LeBron 28 ppg.. Heat had 3 players who average 10 + ppg against OKC in the finals vs 1 player that Average 10+ ppg that was James Harden who was the 6ix Man at that time.. Russel Westbrook average 27 ppg vs Dwade 22 ppg.. Serge Ibaka 7 ppg vs Chris Bosh 14 ppg, Mario Chalmers 10 ppg vs Derek Fisher 5 ppg, Shane Battier averaging in the finals 11 ppg vs Harden 12 ppg… OKC was a better young talent in the finals but didn't have team chemistry and wasn't mature as they are now ..Heat had 3 superstars vs OKC 2 superstars just the same as Warriors 4 superstars vs Cavs 3 superstars they both had 1 extra superstar on there team… That why KD left OKC too take advantage of LeBron for revenge..

  10. Curry is fearless! Last year he went to guarding dellavadova to guarding the greatest ball handler ever! And haters will still say "he never shows up in the finals" really? Look at the stats bitch

  11. GSW members can mock Lebron cause now they got KD?! That the most stupid reason I've ever heard. GSW players are jockers! Even Zaza can crack some! They just have a good sense of humor. Curry has done what every kid would have done after being caught: playing Shaggy! "I swear, it wasn't me.

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