Stephen A. Says LaVar Ball Has Gone ‘Beyond The Realms Of Obnoxiousness’ | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says he likes LaVar Ball as a person, but some of his recent actions have gone, “beyond the realms of obnoxiousness.”

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  1. If he's so obnoxious then why the fuck do y'all keep talking about him.. My goodness, Stephen A is literally the one who become obnoxious , dude just screams and out yells everyone then claims he's debating. Its so annoying

  2. Sensitive ass womens….. he disses like 100 guys and no one gives a fuck then he calls out 2 females and gets roasted for being disrespectful and obnoxious? Fuck outta here talking about equality

  3. Nigger Lavar and sports media: "Wow, he takes care of his kids. Wow."
    Chris Rock: "You're suppose to take care of your kids, you stupid motherfuckers."

    Lavar is a nigga who wants credit… for taking care of his kids. BUT he sure does act like a real nigga….the system and the refs are against him, he quits and pulled the team off the court because the AUTHORITY don't like him. NIGGER please. "My family deserve $1 billion on shoe deals." NIGGER lavar LOL. HE DOES TAKE CARE OF HIS KIDS. Hahahahahahaha. Don't be disrespecting everyone else…..nigger.

  4. I know they not calling people obnoxious when they do shit like…

    First Take Today: Lebron eats a candy bar, how concerned should we be about the Cavs future?

  5. Lavar didn't say that the referee isn't qualified to officiate cuz he's a woman, he simply said that the referee seems to lack experience and was giving unnecessary calls to dictate the game. All of this BS is simply the media trying to twist Lavar's words to create a headline story.

  6. Lavar is a clown. A joke. Also a bum. Lavar the typeah nigga to take three steps on his way to a layup, get called for a foul and not kiss me on the lips. Fucking embarrassment to his entire family.

  7. I love how this motherfucker spent the last three months suck in this motherfucker off put him on the air every day talking about them every goddamn day for months that wants to blame the public for all the hype over him God I would love to punch this douche bag in his fucking face cannot stand the son of a bitch

  8. In a generation where a 13 year old girl can make millions off of being disrespectful on Dr phil why are we even complaining about a outspoken father getting famous lmao.

  9. Lavar Ball is my hero. Say what you want about him. Call him crazy, a loudmouth, foolish, arrogant…whatever – AND THEN ADD THE WORD GENIUS BEHIND IT.Here's why:Mr. Ball has succeeded in making the media – print, radio and cyberspace – cater to him.  I was on the bus the other day and the driver was listening to news about Mr. Ball and his antics. As anyone in media will tell you…there's no such thing as bad press. He can say something crazy and he knows it will be picked up. To top it off, when an icon like Michael Jordan says something to you…your name is forever linked to him. There's no way you'll ever be forgotten in the history of sports. So, for all those who think Mr. Ball is just plain crazy. THINK AGAIN. Consider the racist aspects of what we're seeing to: when a white man boasts full of hot air and has ZERO skill, he gets the presidency. A black male who boasts full of hot air with mediocre skills and excessive pride in his kids gets dismissed as crazy.Hmmm. No need to wonder, racism is alive and well.

  10. The NBA is gonna turn into Keeping Up With The Balls and its gonna stay that way for many many years. Fuck this guy. He averaged 2.2 points at WSU and was on the practice squad in the NFL. Big Baller my ass. The NBA has been unwatchable for a few years now but this is really gonna kill it. Maybe it's cute at first but people are gonna lose their minds if they have to hear about some asshole NBA dad who is desperate for redeeming his own career through his poor sons, reaching for relevancy and attention. It wouldn't be a big deal is we weren't expected to care about what he says every day. Like, I wouldn't mind seeing his punchable face every once in a while but just keep your damn mouth shut. God damn. Nobody cares about some AAU game in CA.

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