Glove Size Favors Floyd Mayweather Over Conor McGregor | First Take | ESPN

The First Take team discusses the Mayweather-McGregor megafight, and Max Kellerman says glove size favors Floyd Mayweather over Conor McGregor.

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  1. I don't expect Conor to beat Floyd (I really hope he does though) but if this was a bare knuckle boxing match I think Conor would seriously hurt and beat Floyd. Without those gloves Floyd's defense would not be as good. Kellerman is going way overboard in his prediction.

  2. I wonder how he marked the shit out of Paulies face … elite boxers dont get hit by people like Conor, I wonder how according to Paulie himself Conor got the better of him in the 1st sparring session and took 7 out of 12 rounds off him in the 2nd… Hmm must have been luck except there is no luck. Talking heads gonna talk holler at me Aug 26th.

  3. If you really listen and pay attention SAS basically agreed with Max then brought up a random "point" that Connor can knock him out if he hits him, but they both agree he wont hit him…..and they argue it…

  4. I admire Floyds boxing skills and believe he will defeat Conor, but he is the King of bigotry and truly deserves to have his head bounced off the canvas for promoting notions that Conor is a racist, Conor comes from Ireland and he does not have a connection to the United States, so has NOTHING to do with slavery, Irish were ins laved to build this country. This is where self inflicted bigotry takes control and has all shit to do with racism.

  5. Sly put it right, Conor is the real Rocky. Mayweathers last words after the fight will go something like this, "there will be NO rematch, but then, like Apollo, he will want to comeback to prove to the world, 'that chump was lucky the first time' Well, everybody likes Stallone so lets hope that everyone comes out liking Conor Mcgreggor, accept for maybe Floyd

  6. A good example of Max's point is the Holly Holm (former Boxer/Kickboxing champion) vs Ronda Rousey (Judo/Bjj?) UFC fight. Holm's superior boxing skill is blatantly showcased there!

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