First Take Reacts To Ray Lewis Telling Colin Kaepernick To Be Quiet | First Take | ESPN

First Take reacts to former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis telling Colin Kaepernick to be quiet about his social activism.

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  1. Lewis is right shut the fuck up u untalented Qb!!!! U play for the owners they don't need this shit from a loud mouth pos like u. If u were talented it would've been a different story

  2. Only way Colin has done his part is if what he was protesting stopped. As you can see Colin doesn't feel that way. RAYCOON please shut up. Steven A please shut up. Max made better points than Smith. Big up Max.

  3. He (Ray Lewis is LOST). He SAYS he's 100 % understanding of what Shannon is saying (he doesn't have a clue). I don't want to bash "ray", Maybe he's taken too many hits to the head. Maybe he's not too bright to begin with. Maybe he'll never see his worth. Ray, (steve) was asking for your opinion because he obviously values it. Instead of you showing compassion, you went to a place that was comfortable for you. You went to the "past". Ray, step forward. Step out of your comfort zone. Look to the future Mr Lewis, to a brighter horizon. See the big picture Mr Lewis. Shannon & Skip, you and the young lady (I can see it in her demeanor) are in unique positions to influence positive change. THANK YOU ALL!

  4. My thoughts about it was the message was fucking sound stupid especially coming from a man who been thru the system but I kinda get his point for him to focus back to being in the NFL because thats the biggest sport in America n we need to let the billionaires see what we going thru n if they don't fairly give Kaepernick a chance I will boycott the NFL cause they telling they don't give a fuck so why TF I'ma make them more richer

  5. Ray Lewis is cooning cause he knows his ass supposed to be in prison for murder and they let his ass go cause he can play football…

    He knows if he does anything to upset the white establishment they'll reopen that case and throw his ass in jail…

  6. Who the fuck is Ray Lewis to say "you have done your job". "And be quiet" Fuck a ray the Coon Lewis. Here you have a white guy breaking shit down so good that these negroes need to listen to him

  7. Ray Lewis is just like Michael Vick…y'all are not Colin kaepernick. Stop telling him to be quiet based off your experiences of murdering someone and running a dog fighting ring, respectively. Colin hasn't done ANYTHING illegal

  8. Was Ray Lewis trying to work behind the scenes to get Kap signed? If he was, did we misunderstand and get too emotional about this issue? There's nothing wrong with being vocal. But there's nothing wrong with being quiet, either. We are now equating quietness fully with being fearful. That is totally incorrect! I learned that 'real G's move in silence'! Folk working behind the scenes telling you to chill, at least for a minute, is NOT cooning!

  9. But ummmmmm the fundamental difference between Ray Lewis and Colin Kaepernick is Ray Lewis was charged with MURDER And Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the national anthem for police BRUTALITY!!! The 2 are not even REMOTELY the same. So how is Ray Lewis intersecting himself and what he did and try to some how compare it with what Kaepernick did? Thats like a person who got charged with jaywalking ticket giving advice to a person that got busted with making and distributing meth. The 2 arent even synonymous with one another SMH COLIN DID NOTHING WRONG RAY!!!!!! Lay off the sellout juice Ray. You fake ass preacher sounding, negro spiritual, buck dancing rock face ass negro. That shit he talking about worked on people like my Grandmother and them Those go along to get along negros take that shit to the store Cuz were not buying what you selling Ray… SMH

  10. This is the problem at times in the media that "he's my brother he's my friend" so you water down your response. Ray Lewis have no respect amongst his own community at the core.

  11. Max, you are telling Colin to be an activist instead of a QB. That is why he doesn't have a job as a QB. An owner does not want to pay him because of his stance on social injustice. An owner pays him to win football games. Period.

  12. ray Lewis this is not your battle let others speak for murderer read that bible dummy…!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!YOU SOUND LIKE A FIELD MASTER FUCK BOY SHUT THE FUCK UP BOSS bucking too the finish I be that side negreo

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