Stephen A. ‘Taken Aback’ By Sarah Spain’s LaVar Ball Comments | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says he was “taken aback” by Sarah Spain’s comments regarding LaVar Ball’s antics and says the ESPN writer has a very valid point.

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  1. Who in the Hell believes that there are no white men that are deadbeats? Who in the Hell believes this???

    Also not nearly enough black men take care of their children. And Max STFU! Up until the 1960, black men were far more likely to marry the mother of their children and raise them. And if black men are doing what we were supposed to, then what's the reason for all this goddam chaos???

  2. What people are truly missing is this. I can't remember the last time a so-called star going into the NBA had a father who has managed to take the shine away from them. Lavar has gotten 10x more attention than his own sons. I can clap all day about him taking care of his sons. However, that is his obligation, responsibility, and duty as a father or parent, period. This is not a popularity contest on who the best father is on the planet. His actions are making himself look like a complete jackass. Whenever he opens his mouth or reacts in a certain manner, the bullseye is on his back. I would have swore he was being drafted into the NBA. People in here are being highly dismissive of what he said to the female referee. If the only argument you guys have is about his kids being better off than so many others, then you have lost. It is much bigger than that. He is highly toxic and will eventually say or do something he will ultimately regret.

  3. How can a disagreement with a ref at a AAU basketball game turn into a indictment of black farther's? Donald Trump has a history of attacks on Women and the" White farther's" was never callled out

  4. You LaVar haters not only have LaVar laughing all the way to the bank, but you also make him a sympathetic figure! That's why having y'all vote for the Football HOF is fake! You get butt hurt and want to keep someone out. Terrell Owens was the reason to watch 49'ers, Eagles, Cowboys and even the Bengals. Terrell Owens was not just entertaining, but phenomenal! Yet, you guys want to keep him out of the HOF! GTFO!

  5. STEVEN A Is a COON. Wow. This guy dares to say black men deserve this crap come on now. If he said this about white women you know he would be back the next day apologizing.

  6. the family courts are set up to favor the are from the get at a disadvantage..its not have there god givin rights to fatherhood ripped from them every day..then called deadbeats after being turned into a sunday father..if there lucky..

  7. Has anyone noticed that the only people who question lavar's parenting are white people (mainly white women) and blacks who bash the black athlete at any opportunity (Stephen A, Whitlock)?

    Funny how that works. I'll go as far as saying this. Without lavar's persistence in guiding his sons, none of them get college scholarships. That includes lonzo.

    Lavar is misogynistic. He is also a loudmouth that shouldn't be given an elevated platform. Those characteristics of his are obvious and should be criticized. However, criticizing his parenting in response is ignorant, especially when you have no kids (Spain/Leahy/Beadle list keeps growing, folks)

    Overbearing parenting is the way to go in this gen. If you aren't careful, some dusty ass celebrity or social media will end up raising your kids.

    As far as fatherhood is concerned, Lavar is doing a tremendous job. He has some character flaws but definitely has put his kids in the best position to succeed.

  8. Lavar ball didn't "take care" of his kids. He raised his kids. Lonzo has role model potential. All of Lavars kids have potential and are on track to live successful lives by normal societal standards. This was just a charged feminist comment designed to undermine Lavar's accomplishments as a father. His kids are doing well. Isn't that the goal?

  9. I disagree. He beat the odds having three boys and he dealing with his wife's cancer and remaining relevant. Getting too caught up in him we almost never talk about his three sons all got full rides to a top program! And the best son only a sophomore 🤔 lavar is a great father. He just sucks in the public. He's living his dream thru his kids

  10. Okay but that's not the point.. the point is that there are less black fathers in our communities because we are an oppressed people. She's stupid and pathetic for saying that. We EXPECT that from black father because we hardly ever see any bc they're either getting shot in the streets or locked away for petty bs. The narrative exists because in REALITY black men are oppressed. It is not the same for other groups. Just sad

  11. I didn't know helping your sons become NBA talents worthy of a top draft pick and earning millions of dollars was bad parenting… or perhaps loving your child and caring for them, cooking them breakfast and training them to be successful in a career they chose…or maybe because his sons got good grades and are fine young men like Lonzo with a positive attitude.

  12. Great Comments. It is important to hold Lavar Ball accountable for his actions. This is not the standard we should be setting for "black fathers." Everyone should be held on the same standard for a "loving" and "caring" father.

  13. I don't know who Sarah Spain is, having searched her she is just an average reporter looking to ride the Lavar Ball train, but she has no place discussing his parenting at any time. Lavar has wonderful kids, who are not in jail, gangbanging and doing crazy stuff. Lavar's eccentricity should not even matter to SPORTSCASTERS, but it does. Who's more stupid? Lavar or THEM?! I found this segment disgraceful. Beyond disgraceful. From start to finish…..

  14. The Lavar Ball white media take down continues. Wtf do this white women know about being black or black fatherhood. This man has done nothing wrong, but raise his children to be the best they can be. And espn attacks him almost everyday

  15. Its been plenty of male referee's that's been blasted by Lavar and everyone else, But now that it's a damn woman they all butt hurt. These damn women need to do what Lavar says.. "Stay in ya lane".. Go Lavar!!!!!!

  16. Sarah Spain need to stay in her lane! Why does everybody suddenly become an expert when it comes to black men? Her comments were completely out of line and disrespectful, if any male on ESPN said what she said, they would be suspended and forced to apologize.

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