Pop Singer Willa Ford Blames Her Failed Career On 9/11 Tragedy

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  1. So everyone who came out after Britney is a wannabe Britney? Lol Britney is the only fake blonde and the only one who had a nose job out of Christina, Jessica, Mandy , and Willa…those girls were all singing and naturally blonde and pretty way before Britney came out SMH

  2. You'll are racist as hell. "I Wanna Be Bad" and Did Ya' Understand That" sound nothing alike! All the artists that came out with new music or a new album on 9/11 and didn't fail were already established and had fan bases! Willa was a new artist and her record label also went out of business, so Willa totally has a valid point…fucking assholes!

  3. C is being an ass ,he knows she didnt mean it that way …I presume that the label invested a lot in her and didn't feel like pushing her again after 9/11…its an OK answer if someone asks her why she didnt blow back then with that sack pop song

  4. Her career did not fail. She said in an interview that she wanted away from the spotlight. IF anything contributed to her career declining it could be the Playboy shoot she did, but I must say she looks amazing nude!!

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