Idris Elba Thinks McGregor Has A Good Chance To Beat Mayweather | First Take | ESPN

Actor Idris Elba joins First Take and thinks Conor McGregor has a good chance to beat Floyd Mayweather.

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  1. On a serious note how did he call him colin seriosly this guy is a top british actor clearly interested in the fighting world and he called him colin ??? seems like he was talking from a memorised script and lost it at the end or something,we all make mistakes but that just seemed a bit weird to me.must be aliens 👽

  2. What the fuck is this guy talking about? Lmao like his opinion means something, like other boxers haven't tried to brawl and fight dirty against Floyd. He's seen it all and fought world class boxers. This below average amateur ain't doing shit

  3. Great actor. Does not know anything about boxing though to make this comment. I wish I were dumb so I'd by the fight just to watch the reaction of all these people when McGregor gets utterly destroyed. I just hope his corner doesn't let him get killed and I'm not joking.

  4. What's all this argument about connor's movement will catch him off guard. Theres a reason boxers move the way they do. Because it's the best movement for BOXING. Connor like it or not is going to be boxing. It's like Paulie said, it took him some rounds to get used to it, once he did, then he had him. 6th round KO by Floyd

  5. People have no clue that don't understand combat sports. I know exactly what Conor will do because I have fought mma guys in boxing ring. I have also fight pro boxers. I would rather fight pro boxer. MMA guys are 10x stronger and they turn it into a brawl. Just cause its in a ring and called boxing doens't mean they are going to dance around with a boxer. Conor will literally get a hold of floyd grab him and throw him into a corner and pummel him. When they clinch Conor will destroy Floyd. HIs IQ level ni clinch is way way higher. IT will be long night for Floyd just as it was for Paulie. ITs why we saw Paulie run way from camp claiming it was from pictures haha. He got a beating. After your done sparring with a MMA guy with specializes in striking with KO power your not coming back. I am surprised Paulie came back 1 more time. After 3 black eyes with 16 oz gloves he realized what monster Conor was. Floyd is only 150 pounds and wont have head gear or 16 oz gloves. They should have paramedics out if he does last 12 rounds because he will go the hosptial. Conor is much to big and much to dangerous for a 41 year old Floyd. You guys saw the damage on Paulies face with sparring gloves. You guys saw what Nate Diaz face looked like in both fights vs Conor and hes got 50 pounds on Floyd. Andre Ward had hard time with Nate is sparring. Conor made it look like NAte was in a new movie Saw 8. They said Conor punches as hard as swinging a sledge hammer 20 mph and you guys think Floyd can out box him? He just gonna throw Floyd into the corner and Floyd will have to take sledge hammer shots witout dropping at 150 pounds. Gl hoping he stands for 12 rounds of that. Wishful thinking like saying pigs can fly.

  6. Idris takes an L for this one. Manny Paq., Oscar De La Hoya, Zab Judah, and Shane Mosley could not beat Mayweather. All of these opponents have been boxing since kids. Stop. Why in the world would McGregor? It defys logic.

  7. Thank U his statement is like mine. Conor has a chance, a very good chance. But because boxer to boxer . MAYWEATHER IS OWNING THEM. But conor fight unorthodox and is a very fast and quick puncher. NOW i said he has a chance of winning. Not that i believe he is going to win. Cause u can't discredit Mayweathers skill and experience but his disadvantages are
    1. He is 40 years old !!!!!
    2. He has nothing to prove
    3. Money is the only real incentive
    4. He hasn't fought competitively for nearly 2 years
    5. He hasn't KO'd anyone in almost 2 decades
    6. he is fighting a young fighter
    7. Although extremely experienced he will be ring rusty
    8. He was retired and has other cares
    9. He has to still fight the same way to win. All 12 rounds countering and making Connor miss. Etc

  8. pls its not a fght ,hate floyd but connor has no chance winng, only one thing can change that ,lucky punch ,if the canvas is slippery or something like that and connor lands when floyd is out off balance or something like that. this is for mma fans only ,and boxing fans who wants to see a sparring. ending within 6 rounds tko for floyd

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