First Take Debates The Media’s Role In LaVar Ball | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate the media’s role in LaVar Ball and his popularity.

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  1. Smith cannot speak for the players on BBB team they might actually roll with the Coach whom they know has their best interest at heart. He does his job for free unlike Get your money Smith.

  2. the dam ref been at him all week got dam can we hold her at fault for her role. Oh white women can do what they want. That's why he try his best to stay away from them. And i fell him. And white people need to stop speaking on how black people should act because we coming from different places

  3. Max is absolutely correct. The media (including first take) is the reason he is so popular. And that's why lavar threatens to take his kids off the floor. Lavar doesn't take his team off the floor to send the message to his players that when refs make bad calls you quit. He threatens to take his team off b/c he realizes the pull/cache him and his son has. He and the people running the AAU scene knows that lavar and his son are the primary reason why tickets are selling out. The irony of it is that the media is the main reason why lavar has this "pull/cache". They spent months of covering lavar b/c he said outlandish shit about his sons and they thought it was amusing, and his son actually had some skill to back it up, so they gave him a platform/fan base. So now he has the power to get refs kicked out of the game b/c he's the reason these AAU games are selling out. Ultimately the media is to blame for that.

  4. People are bitches. They love Lavar ball and they blame him for everything. He has A LOT of fans yet people act like he has so many haters. There's a few with a big mouth but a lot of people are rooting for him. Lavar actually made Lonzo more likable tbh. Outside of 76er players talking shit, they would have either way.

  5. Can you all stop talking about a guy who isn't worth talking about?

    He's a good father ok, even a cool guy to hang out with. But his head is getting too big and his actions are getting too selfish. Let's just stop talking about him so he can go away.

  6. Max has a point we need to stop giving this LOUDMOUTH ASSWIPE a PLATFORM… I thought we would've LEARNED OUR LESSON on this seeing as how it's why we have DONALD FUCKING TRUMP as the LEADER OF OUR DAMN COUNTRY

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