Meek Mill Reflects On His “Wins & Losses” + Talks Nicki Relationship & Drake Beef

Meek Mill sat down with Angie Martinez Show to discuss his new album “Wins and Losses”. Check out the full interview.

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  1. I'm trying to like him again…but then he on with that shit again. Talking about he a fighter if somebody punch him. Then he back with the bullshit with niggas fighting him, and him and his boys wanna kill shit, cause you scared to fight. I still cant respect that. I'm sorry. That's still bitch shit to me. FOH! IJS

  2. Their isn't no such thing as Real Hip Hop Fans People be faking these days so much example When him Drake and Game was beefing errbody tumout he taking L's etc…. All yall wood riders that was on Drake and Game bandwagon now yall back on Meek team people are funny jump from wood to wood I call yall bandwagon thots LoL! I don't knw where all yall Drake and Game fans at yoo hooo where R yoooooo! LoL!

  3. Meek hold this L for blaming the drake loss on drugs cmon man u just straight up took a L sober drunk, high u loss he was prepared u wasn't he is better lyrically u can't fuck wit drake stop making excuses man u grown swallow the L move on

  4. Meek Mill is so REAL!!! He is the definition of "Mad Talent w/ appreciation of his Blessings" @ the same time!!! I wish you nothing but many more blessings & success Meek!!!! May God continue to he to bless you as you keep earning & sharing your God giving gift to the world!!! Much love from Albuquerque, New Mexico!!!

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