Spotify Accused of Making up Fake Artists & adding in their playlists to reduce amount paid to Label


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Spotify being accused of Making up Fake Artists & adding in their playlists to reduce amount paid to Label
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  1. What if I told you, that there are artist that are buying there albums to be platinum. (It makes sense because if your album goes platinum then you never go irrelevant and all these rappers want to relevant). We should talk. I got a few other conspiracies going on in our world that we could collab on.

  2. more proof that these money hungry evil folks at the top scamming everybody and these artists aint making money like yall think. they getting treated like slaves. this type a shit is also why local artists like me who wanna get a buzz just ready to give up. ppl all in the comments like fuck it we just gone steal ya cd anyway. but then claim to be fans and support your hard work you put into this music shit. nigga spends months making a cd tryna make it all perfect thinking bout the ppl who claim to love your music…just for it to get stole. i cant even get ppl to donate 50 cents literally to get a whole cd with 20 plus songs on it after they ask me how can they buy my music. smh everybody done fucked up this music game and expect us artists to just keep giving yall good music they worked hard on for free.. this why rappers now only wanna put 6 songs on a damn cd. its too much hard work just to get nothing in return. learn to love each other and respect the hard work ppl put in instead of just stealing they hard work. if its happening to me when my cd is 50cents or 1 cents…whatever donation u can give…then im sure these other rappers getting played too.

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