Malcolm Gladwell Speaks On His New Podcast And Why You Should Trust Your Instincts

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  1. In regards to this complaint of the property owners paying only 200k in taxes on the golf course…. It's not unfair to anyone. In actuality no one should be paying on land. It costs the county absolutely $0 to maintain and of course God created. Of course, the dumbasses that gave in to property taxes long ago are the main people to blame, so we are cultured and conditioned into giving our earned money away for no good reasons, in certain respects. Futhermore, we should begin to read deeper into the laws and policies of this land so that we can go through the loopholes and get equivalent deals at the least but until then SHOUT OUT to the Beverly Hills golf course owners for being shrewd businessmen.

  2. Angela Yee asked the Kodak Black question to connect to listeners. It was not a bad question because Gladwell answered and addressed a deeper issue relevant to the question.

  3. I don't normally comment, but this was an excellent show. I reviewed Blink a decade or so ago when I was an undergraduate. I hope that you continue to bring activists, professors and writers of color, like Malcolm Gladwell, Immortal Technique and Cornell West, etc….The hip hop stuff gets boring because the artist are blah at this particular time (in my opinion).

  4. I had a situation where I was a couple miles from my car bc the bus stopped running. I was walking and it was ~10pm. A couple saw me and noticed a strange man walking behind and street lights were flickering. they offered me a ride and I took it. I never took a ride from anyone but I'm forever grateful and bc of those ppl I find opportunities to pay it forward. it is hard to trust ppl though..

  5. I don't like it but they're doing what everyone else would do. If anyone could get a free golf ⛳ course, they would, it just happens to be white. The question is why do need a 300 acre course in the first place. People loved Tiger. I don't know anyone who didn't like him in the golf world. Malcolm is way too opinionated now. Turned off, sounds like it's hip to attack the white guys to get attention these days for him.

  6. cant wait till cthagod has his own show. he the one geting these interviews
    and then i dont have to see angela ask malcom about kodak fuckin black!!!!!
    are you serious?!

  7. This is terrific. I live in Los Angeles. 1. I didn't realize these golf clubs were completely closed to non-members 300 members? 2. They pay NO taxes. This isn't , 'Oh, it's just not counted.' This is welfare for rich golfers. 300 acres in Beverly Hills? 100 billion dollar land value, easy. Property taxes a billion dollars a year. For 300 guys–who don't need it, and would be the first to whine about government help to poor people. You started some here Gladwell…..

  8. Realistically. how many years do you have left? HA! Did we not just see a 42 year old Prodigy cremated? "The trouble is you think you have time." -Buddha. Honestly to assume you have forever is naive. Do what you want with your life while you're healthy and able to do so and while the ppl you love are still here. These are the same ppl boo hooing when someone dies saying they wish they would've done this or that. Smh…

  9. I understand his viewpoint on not trusting strangers. On the contrary, your neighbors, friends and relatives aren't trustworthy either. They will smile in your face put on a big front then stab you in the back. Most people are killed by someone they know or perhaps knew.

  10. The good samaritan in bible ( Luke 10 ) did not let the stranger in his" car" or take the injured man home to endanger his samaritan family , that would have been dumb , the good samritan instead like an intelligent person payed another stranger in an Inn not someones home to take care of the injured man ( trust but verify ) . Malcom gladwell like virtually all leftists are biblically illiterate , follow biblical advice , not Gladwells's advice or you will be rewarded with death , rape , mugging etc. and it will not be God or bibles fault but your own , the friendly girl should have cracked her window , left door locked and engine running while looking for places someone could hide and jump out at her car with a gun , then she should have offered to call someone to help malcom , in same way we can help immigrants / refugees a myraid of ways without opening our own borders to rape cultures , crime , incompatible cultures , death cult religions etc. think, God gave us a brain , its not a sin to use it.

  11. Everyone is pissed at Yee and calling her stupid for asking a question on colorism — and issue that has plagued the black community for ages — but no one is calling Charlemagne stupid for asking about Kevin Durant switching teams.

  12. Angela is a clown, has no business talking to Malcolm, did you see the part where he told her "I know". Love that Charlemagne had this guest usually never like him but this was dope.

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