Kendall And Kylie Jenner Apologize For Selling ‘Disrespectful’ Music Icon T-Shirts

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  1. Kanye???? a musical icon??😂😂😂where have I been , I surely missed something, don't know too much that he has done…..his hands on Blue print was the only good thing that he has done …bottom line

  2. Why are black people so sensitive? All I see are people in the comments bitching about the biggie and pac shirts about how they are "exploiting black people" as if they didn't have shirts of the doors, Ozzy and Floyd. I'm not saying they should have the shirts were all wack af but chill

  3. Congrats on your success and being humble and real! That's what's up! Love you brother in Christ!!! And love you are from the South like me !!! You Define pulling up by your boot strap.

  4. this is why nobody would care if somebody shot these two bitches in the head. no really. who would really fuckin care? keep It classy

  5. These girls get to do this because the public gives them importance. We need to stop giving insignificant families like the Kardashian/ Jenner family the time of day. The fact that they are such a big deal nowadays is because of us, we put them in a pedestal ( which they don't belong nor earn)

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