Kevin Durant Waiting To Re-Sign With Warriors | First Take | June 29, 2017

The First Take crew discusses Kevin Durant waiting to re-sign with the Golden State Warriors until the team has finished its other off-season signings.

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  1. haha Will Cain now likes him all the sudden because everyone else hates him. being a contrarian is the only way that douche bag feels smart. he literally uses the fact that everyone believes something as proof that theyre wrong. dude likes phil jackson now too. when the hell does max get back?

  2. Call KD a bitch, call him a traitor but you cant call him a loser because that MAN got what he set out for. Everyone loves saying he went to a 73 win team HOWEVER, they gave up their whole bench therir starters Harrison Barnes and, Andrew Bogut . So its not the same team idiots.

  3. Hes a pussy ass snake. Most coward ass BB player in nba history. Maybe even sports history. No one cares about his fake ass plastic ass ring. Your never gonna e considered an all time great. Ever. Pussy ass nicca

  4. ESPN is fucked up. When the Cavs won game 4, ESPN hopped on Lebron's dick and said he's the best player in the world. Now they are saying KD. They are not different then bandwagon fans who change back and forth

  5. And fuck Adam silver the biggest bitch in the world the nba ain't basketball anymore Adam silver made all these pussy rules on fouls ur not allowed to play defense anymore

  6. great player, great guy but TURNCOAT of the century! joining already 73-9 team, are you effing kidding me? okc destroyed in the mix!
    even GSW fans knew they are way over the top. lebron was playing nearly 45 minutes in finals. how pathetic is that? and that too barring cavs no body was even good enough to win a game out of 16 games!

    only 2 teams out of 30 chasing a ring is not good for NBA. the commissioner is meek rather than putting his foot down and ensuring parity. he himself is indifferent. when tv ratings tank and they withdraw their sponsorship they will awake to senses.

    ESPN can send home only so many!

    this pay cut nonsense has to stop. players should be paid what they are worth. that should ensure parity! and no team can have more than 2 top 10 players.

    80% of NBA Folks go broke after retirement.superstar or no superstar does not matter!

    so make hay when sun shines. it is a business and CLUB competition after all and not like winning honors for the country!

  7. If Spurs are 2d seed Kawhi is the best player in the world
    With a conference with teams stacked up like this:
    GSW: KD, SC, KT, DG
    Houston: CP, JH
    Thunder: PG, RW
    Pelican: AD, DC
    Timber: JB, KAT, Wigges
    He has a coach and lamarcus and lamarcus had such a bad rep it's all Kawhi and he's 2nd seed? Best

  8. Yeah, he was waiting to see if there would be a new super team that formed, and Paul George, his personal favorite player, suddenly joined his old teammate Russ in OKC!
    Now KD is trying to figure out a way to get back to OKC! 😂
    The dude don't know where the fuck he wanna live! Lmao
    The dude is addicted to bandwagoning…..!
    I'm serious! Stop hating on him! He's needs help!
    He needs a fucking intervention!
    I promise you that KD is seriously thinking about joining the Timberwolves or going back to play with the Thunder now that Paul George is there!

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