Fixing The Knicks Starts With James Dolan | Final Take | First Take | June 29, 2017

Will Cain says that Phil Jackson is not entirely to blame for the New York Knicks’ troubles, and believes fixing the franchise should start with owner James Dolan.

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  1. Knicks fans, talk with your money! Every single game the MSG is packed, even though the Knicks are trash. If you really want Dolan gone, don't go every game. Any other team that's trash, you can hear crickets in the arena but for some reason, Knicks fans still support. SMGDH

  2. Is first take running low on budget?why did they get this guy and and john to sub for max and sas.Watching will and john on first take is like being forced to eat the budget meal on a family restaurant 😑😑😑

  3. Getting rid of Phil Jackson does help more than it does hurt the Knicks. I agree Dolan is the main problem and he makes terrible choices consistently look no further than the hiring of Phil Jackson. Think about it, he hired a man without any experience to be the GM based of his coaching success. He did the same thing when he hired Isiah based of his success on the court. Phil tried to be the GM and coach basically forcing whoever coached the team to use his system. News Flash if you have MJ, Pippen, Shaq, Kobe you could win a championship playing the street ball system. The system is not why they were successful, the right players make the system work. Dolan over pays unqualified and old washed up players to much. Dolan is the Jerry Jones of basketball he always finds a way to F things up.

  4. The Knicks aren't one of the top franchises in sports anymore. Even the Spurs have more than twice the league titles that the Knicks have and the Spurs didn't jump to the NBA until the league absorbed the surviving ABA clubs in 1976.

  5. get over Phil… He was the worst… numbers don't lie.. the infection is the Media.. you are flip-flops… you don't like KP, now you love Him.. nobody is talking about Phil bringing Noah with a 4 year contract when everybody knows he is injury prone and can't play more than 20 minutes… we gave Hardaway for Grant and Grant for nothing.. Phil doesn't like Carmelo he signs him with no trade clause.. what are you schizophrenic.. then you want to get rid of melo for nothing like he is trash… without Anthomy we would be losing with 50 points… then you try to get rid of KP for a rookie that plays in the same position with C.A and want to draft a rookie(that wasn't sure you will get-Markanen) and keep Rose for 20 mil… Guys it's simple… C.A, K.P, F.D,H.G should be untouchable… you sign a cheap pg, you get rid of C.L and J.N(even for picks only) and shop a great sg(McCollum is perfect).. you have Kuzminskas and O'Quin, plus the 2 rookies .. add 1 more tall guy(youngster) and one that can play sg,sf..

  6. ok will 2 things……..1st of they are better then they were yesterday, when you don't have sum1 forcing an offense on a team he don't have the guts to coach thts a problem, when the man running ur team has made it known tht superstar or not, if I don't like you(even though I signed you & gave you all tht money and no trade clause)I will try to publicly shame you and try to destroy ur rep in the nba, when tht person is gone from ur team ur automatically better then you where, 2nd. will nice of you to show up to the party(bout 10 yrs to late)true knicks fans have wanted dolan outta here for yrs, will talks as though we can get together and fire dolan or make him sell the team(we cant or he woulda been gone long ago)once again will is talkin but aint sayin a dawn thing

  7. So first Melo is the problem
    Then Phil is the problem
    Now when Phil is gone and Melo is on his way out its suddenly Dolans fault?
    We all knew Dolan was the core problem, but First Take, Undisputed etc didn't name him as the Real problem until now

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