Will Blake Griffin Leave Clippers With Chris Paul Gone? | First Take | June 28, 2017

Max Kellerman and Will Cain debate the possibility of Blake Griffin leaving the Los Angeles Clippers with Chris Paul gone.

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  1. The Clippers had reached their potential. The players were as good as they were going to be, and several of the key players were declining, so it's good that things are being shaken up. I think that they need to try to keep Blake and bring in someone like Paul George or Melo. With Doc as coach, I think that they'd be in the mix.

  2. Cavs fucked up and missed out on Chris Paul.. LeBron could have had his dream ăn played with Dwade melo and Chris paul.. maybe 3 years from now or 4.

  3. The Flippers or Slob City is the appropriate name for an embarrassing team who is the reject of Los Angeles, who can't get past the second round in the playoffs and hang selfies above our Lakers' 16 Championship banners because the flippers have no idea what a ring looks like. Your sorry ass team can go to Anahiem or Seattle. GTFO. This is Lakers Nation.

  4. If you lose multiple superstars (even if they're tier 2 players), your team will suck. That guy on the left don't know what he's talking about. Does he have basketball IQ?

  5. I like the idea of Chris not on the clippers anymore Blake wants to have the ball in his hands as did Paul did so now if Blake stays he can be point forward esque not like lebron but he can get more assists high pick and rolls score more we will see things that we haven't seen from Blake

  6. John Sally needs to shut the hell up. What he said MADE NO SENSE AT ALL… and dude in the middle caught it. WHen john was finished he had a look like…"WTF dat mean?". Dude on the far rigiht LAUGHS like? WHat planet this dude from~'

    Then at the end, …… (LOL)… how does John end the conversation? Randomly says a nba teams name.

    "Dallas Mavericks". WHat the hell ?!!? What conversation is he in?

  7. Players who played for one team –
    Bill Russell
    Magic Johnson
    Larry Bird
    Isiah Thomas
    David Robinson
    John Stockton
    Reggie Miller
    Tim Duncan
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Kobe Bryant (not really loyal)
    Russell Westbrook (so far)
    Blake Griffin?

    Guys like James Worthy, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili too.

    When LeBron and Durant left their franchise, they get crucified. When Westbrook stayed, he was praised. When Blake stayed, Laker-biased media say he should have left! Hypocrites just to push Laker propaganda and bs narratives on radio and hope to make the Clippers worse than the Lakers again alot sooner.

    It was sad to watch MJ in a Wizard uniform. Or watching Ewing a Sonic and Magic, and Olajuwon a Raptor. I remember feeling sad to watch my idols, Joe Montana be a Chief and Jerry Rice be a Raider.

    Yao Ming only made it passed the 1st rd once, was injury-prone, played only NINE seasons all with the Rockets, and he is in the HoF. Blake has enough on his current resume to be in the HoF.

    I can imagine Blake Griffin play out another 5-7 yrs and then retire focusing on his film production company or stand-up. Just be what Dirk has done the last six years. Stay loyal and become the franchise's favorite son.

    Clippers drafted Blake Griffin as the #1 pick in 2009. He should retire a Clipper. He may never win a ring. Not many HoF players did. Blake is choosing loyalty over rings. Not being a prostitute to a different franchise just to ring chase.

    Players should be more like Dan Marino. Athletes are rarely loyal to their wives, let alone a single franchise. Loyalty over "let's create or join superteams" to win rings. Stick to one franchise like a marriage. Through good times and bad…

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