Dwyane Wade Should Go Back To Miami Heat | First Take | June 28, 2017

The First Take crew debates whether Dwyane Wade should leave the Chicago Bulls and head back to the Miami Heat.

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  1. I miss max. Cain is a good debater but still not the best entertainer. He is slowly getting better at entertainment though and I'm slowly starting to like him. Atleast I liked this one. Keep up the good work Cain and hope u get your own show one day.

  2. No tf he shouldn't… I'm a heat fan & even i know that Pat Riley doesn't appreciate him.
    yes we miss Wade dearly in Miami but he'd be a fool comeback unless they give him some extra money & even then that still isn't enough.. Pat Riley & the rest of the Miami Heat organization need to issue a public apology to Wade !

    P.s. Y'all need to get rid of Will Cain

  3. Don't believe the hype, Tyler Johnson was gonna be traded for Wade to get 50M in 2 years. Instead, he jumped at the Bulls deal with 48M since Miami only had 40 at the time. If he waited, he would've got his money but he jumped the gun. Now Tyler got 50M for 4 years. Just in case y'all didn't know this

  4. I disagree with this guy who started in seconds. you can demand respect when you bring a franchise 3 rings and took pay cuts with the thought of, "when I'm old they'll take care of me". alla Lakers and Kobe

  5. This thread is so predictable. I know when the young guys post because they show no respect for Wade and have their faith instilled in what happened last season, which by the way is a very limited sample size. They bash Wade, praise Waiters, and pray for Gordon Hayward.. I know when the real heads post because they grant Wade his respect and know what he's capable of doing. If anyone believes that roster last year was talented enough to compete in the later rounds of the playoffs you're disillusioned. Bringing Wade back with another big free agent like Melo, or Millsap to pair with Whiteside is a team primed for contention.

  6. Go back to Miami and do WHAT!? There's nothing there. Just memories of what once was. Either take a pay cut and go to Cleveland or just retire old man. You've had a great fucking career and you will remembered as one of the All Time Greats and one who was apart of probably the greatest NBA Draft in history.

  7. Why? If he wanted to retire there, then he shouldn't have left in the first place. Sure, he can go back, but he won't get any more respect because he's coming back as damaged goods with even lower market value than he had last year. Not to mention, once you leave the first time, the pressure that the team feels to keep you goes away because the fairytale of you playing your whole career with one team is gone.

  8. Only those stupid heat fans who dont want Wade back to heat. Wade just look like washed up because he didn't just fit with the Bulls. Dont forget the 2016 playoffs when Wade nearly carried your asses to ECF without Whiteside and Bosh in the Semis. Im sure Wade still fit with the Heat even with their new roster.

  9. Wade going back to Miami is like a guy going back to a girl who cheated. It'll make Wade look weak by showing he can be disrespected and still come crawling back.

  10. I agree with John Salley that Dwayne Wade should go back to Miami so he can retire there. I would've never left Miami to go to Chicago LOL. John was right when he said the weather is very cold during the winter in Chicago. Miami never gets any snow. Plus there's half naked women walking on the beach in Miami LOL. I'm from the Midwest which is Cleveland, Ohio. I love my hometown but I hate the winter there because it snows too much. I live in Maryland. The winterย is bad here too. I'm surprised it didn't snow that much last winter. I would love to go to Miami to visit because I've never been there.

  11. John Salley needs a show. Ideally him and Broussard would have a show called Facts. Popular former player with great charisma and insight partnered with a well-known journalist.

  12. This would be fucking crazy if not only wade went back to Miami but Lebron James!!! LOL. starting lineup would be Dragic, Wade, LBJ, Winslow, and Whiteside!! Pat Riley just needs to go all out and pay that luxury tax!

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