Carmelo Anthony More Likely To Stay On Knicks With Phil Jackson Gone | First Take | June 28, 2017

Stephen A. Smith says knowing Carmelo Anthony, he is more likely to stay with the New York Knicks now that Phil Jackson has parted ways from the organization.

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  1. Knicks are a couple of players away from competing. They've got a 2 star core one of which is a young stud and the other is a player that when he wants to can drop 30 a game. You have a good young big man who was all first rookie team in Willy just got to get some role players build up the bench more and find another star to add along with KP and Melo.

  2. Wow, Melo wants a buyout because he doesn't want Cleveland to have to give anything up of value for him? Where the hell was that attitude when he forced his way to New York? The Knicks wanted to wait to sign him in free agency so they could keep their team together and Melo made it known that if the Knicks didn't trade for him that he would instead force his way to Brooklyn and sign an extension with them, which forced the Knicks to give up their young talent and the draft picks that would have been used to build around Melo in the first place!! That trade is exactly why the team never was able to improve itself to become a real contender. I really hope the Knicks don't buy him out. If he wants to be an ass, not waive his NTC and won't allow the Knicks to get a return on him, then make him finish out his contract here. Don't give him the satisfaction of letting him walk for nothing.

  3. bruh I'm starting to get tired of ppl saying shit like he ain't trying to win becuz he wanna be with his son/wife. wtf is wrong with u. wouldn't u quit ur job if it destroyed ur family life. this some fuckshit.

  4. stephen a and salley face are hilarious they need to get this guy cain off the show. find a new sub when max is out of the office

  5. Hahaha these Melo Lovers…you never learn. Denver Nuggets coach said it, Mike D'antoni said it…and lastly Phil Jackson said it. He is a Team Cancer and kills his teammates ball movement with his ISO. The Asian Knicks player even made the Knicks as a team more exciting. But yeah…want Melo….have Melo. Goodluck LOL

  6. fuck that if im knicks org i'ma buy out one of my best players so he can go help another team be a little more super? fuck doing favors im doing what's best for me

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