Stephen A. Smith And Max Debate Philadelphia 76ers | First Take | June 23, 2017

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate the Philadelphia 76ers, the 2017 NBA Draft and the future of the franchise.

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  1. Smith sees nothing wrong with Philly being mediocre year after year after year after year after year,,,, while teams like Boston and LA, attracted the best players willing to play for less money just to be a part of Hollywood, or the Boston legacy,
    Nahh That's OK with this prick,
    But when the 76ers decide that FINALLY THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP, and they employ a strategy that nets them some
    of the best players and a chance to actually compete,
    Then all of a sudden it becomes THE END OF THE WORLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD, fucken hypocrite

    I hope the Sixers win 5 rings, JUST TO RUB IT IN HIS FACE,

  2. We all get Max's point. I think what he meant was, at least the management is putting up an interesting enough team. That's all. That's why I like the Bucks and Celtics.

  3. Since when does being an NBA champion qualify you for being an executive? Stephen A needs to shut up like usual…he spits so much shit. Sam Hinkie and Bryan Collangelo have the same amount of NBA championships by the way…0. But when it's all said and done Colangelo is now in a position to pick up a couple rings thanks to most of the heavy lifting done by Hinkie. Kellerman is definitely the right one in this. As a sixers fan for as long as I can remember I grew up watching AI and as great as he was we only really had 2001 as a legitimate chance for an NBA title in my lifetime. From around 2005-2012 we were about as mediocre a basketball team as you can get always finishing 7-8 seed and getting bounced out of the playoffs early. Our drafts consisted of non lottery picks like Thad Young, Maurice Speights, Lavoy Allen, Nikola Vucevic etc. When Hinkie was hired and started "the process" I was 100% for it as I realized that I'd rather see my team be terrible for 3-4 years it it gave us the chance to draft another AI than 10 years of 41-41 basketball with no chance of beating Lebron in his prime or Kobe at the time and drafting the likes of Jrue Holiday in the first round.

  4. Stephan A. is a fucken moron. GMs don't have the "latitude" to plan for the future? There are only 3 teams that really have a chance to win – Cavs, Warriors, and Cavs. All the other teams know they can't win

  5. the sixers fan base is the worst in the entire NBA. they actually think that their core players are all superstars when they've played a combined like 31 games over 3 years. sad.

  6. The only thing I hate about the process in philly was the fact that they said flat out we are actively tanking to build for the future and then still have the nerve to charge so much for seats to the game when your telling your fan base we want to loose but still want to take all your money?thats some bs

  7. Anyone else tired of SAS bringing up the MCW trade? Philly ended up with the Lakers pick which they used to get Fultz. MCW was the ROY in a terrible class on a bad team and hasn't done anything since.

  8. Jahlil needs to leave 76ers asap before they ruin his career, the process my foot no body else has had so much talent the last 5 years, Very confused front office any other franchise jah n nerlens who have been all stars by now, nerlens left he's better for it,hah is not a bench player a sensible GM and coach would play Simmons at PG/SG saric at SF jah at PF and embid at C, so much talent and they don't know what to do with it.

  9. as a six or fan since 1978 I had no doubt that this process would work, was it pretty? No but it was necessary to get what we needed in order to be a true contending championship-caliber team. Allen Iverson took us to the finals in 2001 we could not win the finals because we had Allen Iverson and nobody else Iverson had no help that's not how you build winning championship teams, Sam hinke did it the correct way and I say God bless Sam hinke

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