Kenyon Martin On Playing In The BIG3 With Allen Iverson & Why The NBA Has Gone Soft

Kenyon Martin On Playing In the BIG3, Allen Iverson & Why The NBA Has Gone Soft

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  1. hey Iverson my fav player of all time. but Iverson was not a great defensive player. better than Kyrie but not great. Steals dont mean your a great defender. means youre great at steals. iverson had so much to do on offense that he rested a bit on defense often.

  2. Kenyon has a point about Lebron being scared of big guys. I've never seen him really go at 7-footers or even talk shit to them, but he loves to talk shit to and bully guys that are smaller than him (ex: Curry and Draymond in the 2015 finals). The only time I saw Lebron dunk on a big guy and then talk shit was KG in the 2012 playoffs. But KG was like 36 at that point. Meanwhile, Kobe and MJ constantly attacked/dunked on bigs and then talked shit to them. MJ famously dunked on Mutumbo and then finger wagged at him. Kobe dunked on Dwight at age 32 as well. Lebron is way bigger than both Kobe and MJ but gets scared by bigs, so he beats up on little dudes! smh

  3. People mad because lebron is his own player he did it his way Kobe wanted to be mike so bad he walked and chewed his gum like mike, mike is the GOAT but I'll take. Lebron over Kobe any day…. Since when does shooting the ball 40 times a game show a will to win

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