Max Kellerman Says You Cannot Build A Team Around Kyrie Irving | First Take | June 21, 2017

Max Kellerman says that you cannot build a team around Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving, regardless of his ability to take a good team to the next level.

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  1. Both are right. Max is on point saying Kyrie is "only" an all time dribbler and finisher, and Stephen A is correct in comparing Kyrie to Iverson and saying you could build a defensive team around him that would turn out to be pretty decent.

    But Stephen A is missing 2 crucial points: 1) The aim is to win championships and how did that configuration work out for Iverson? Did he ever win a title? Even being as great as he was, he never did. And 2) The game has changed so much since Allen's time and today it's impossible to win with a solo act. Even Westbrook with all his swissknife repertoire and hustle can't come close to competing with the best teams. So you can build a decent team around Kyrie, just not a championship team.

  2. you can't be the best player on a championship team when you can't pass or play defense, the best kyrie would ever be able to get is 4 extremely athletic defensive minded guys like AI had, but AI never won a championship with that, and he is probably better than kyrie all around tbh

  3. Kyrie can score and is amazing at it but you know who else can score it is amazing at it? Carmelo Anthony just ask how it's going for him. You can't win by just scoring that's just facts.

  4. Well U don't Know that Because Kyrie Is in his prime now he was too young to lead a team when he first came in and plus it was the trash cavs who was on that Team ? literally nobody so U can't say U can't build around him because the cavs never tried to build around him lebron end up running back to the cavs before it can be kyrie team.

  5. I love Kyrie Irving but he is not a leader or a general. He will in fact be the exact thing that he accuses Lebron of currently being. He's making a big mistake based solely on ego. You wanna leave a situation where you have an opportunity to go to the Championship every year with Lebron, or at least one more year, to go where and finish at least 3rd place, if you're lucky every year? Lol… He's trippin. He could've waited til after next season for all this.

  6. Been a cavs fan since 04, but Max is, once again, 100% right. Kyrie cannot lead us when LeBron sits and he has all the talent around him. By the way, Stephen has gotten really bad at these things.

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