Young Thug Calls Himself The ‘New Pac’, Drops Project On 2Pac’s Birthday

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  1. Lol 😂 men forget just because the kid is o er 18 doesn't mean the money you owe goes away 😂 you don't owe your kid anymore… you owe the person that had to fit your bill on behalf of your kid..

  2. Yea he should rename himself Fruit-Pac. Smh idk why these goofy dudes think that Pac only stood for the Thug shit. They need to do their due diligence and research. He was trying to bring a message to black folks, he was a revolutionary. Meanwhile, this guys claim to fame is insulting black women at an airport, and being birdman's side piece. Smh. One minute he wants to be Lil Wayne, now Pac. This dude is going through an identity crisis.

  3. Every rapper wants to be pac and portray that thug image instead of trying to do what he really wanted to do and that was change minds did ya not see the movie and what message he wanted to send

  4. This is straight disrepectful to 2pac. Young Thug is one of the artists that 2pac said look out for, "don't just listen to the music, listen to the lyrics and see if what they're saying is real." 2pac.

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