Napoleon (Outlawz) on Why He Selected To not Be within the 2Pac Film

Former Outlawz member Napoleon right here speaks to VladTV concerning the upcoming 2Pac movie and his determination to not be in it. “I do not remorse not being within the film,” he says, explaining the Pac’s household wasn’t proud of the movie. Napoleon additionally speaks about his relationship to 2Pac’s mother Afeni and her response to his dying. Watch above.


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  1. Vlad needa interview EDI & Noble & get their take on what Napoleon said about Afeni not supporting the movie & all that. I can picture them being all awkward & shit stutterin' lookin' around the room thinkin' of what to say lol. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  2. The best of 2PAC and his legacy lives on in this real G right here. . .the true meaning of a brother from another mother…this collection of interview-snippets Napoleon did with VladTV are refreshing, so inspiring, and simply classic…

  3. Yo _Vlad How much music do you think 2pac left behind that are unrealesed/unheard? i have listend to every one that exist on youtube and wonder if you know if more music coming out from the vault that are unheard songs. This is a question that every fan wonders about.. would be very thankfull if you could answer this! peace!

  4. Pac's bio pic was the worst. Ray Charles, James brown, Tina turner, the temps, new edition, Elvis, 50, Eminem, biggie, and many others….They all had great stories told of them on film. I could do much better than the all eyez on me garbage. Right actor. Right tittle. Wrong producer. Wrong director. Wrong movie.

  5. If Easy and Jerry would have paid NWA properly, Cube would not have left like he did, Dre would not have formed Death Row, Suge would not have been what he became, Pac would not have been associated with Death Row, the Outlwas may have stayed on the level of "where will I be this time next year." However, it was all destiny.

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