Jay Z Helps Bail Out Fathers Stuck In The System

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  1. Hats off to Jay Z for putting his money where it matters and trying to bring some level of justice to a system that incarcerates black men at an enormously high rate as compared to the majority. This is the best news I've heard in a long time.

  2. I'm so sorry to say this but my community the black community seems to think that brothers who do illegal things don't deserve time in jail. And don't get me wrong those kids deserve fathers they are innocent but who's job is it to make sure that these men stay out of jail? no one but they themselves. in my opinion alot of these brothers are selfish very selfish and so are our sisters for laying down with these men and having their babies. And I don't want to hear oh "a brother gotta eat" you knew how hard it would be for you to get a honest job with a criminal record but you still decided to have a baby? I don't feel sorry for people like this.

  3. "Hardcorial" Translation: I don't know any big words to describe what I'm trying to express, so I'll make a word up even if it makes me look like an illiterate idiot…

  4. lets not lose sight that REMY MA body NICKI on the SHETHER diss track!!!! and Nicki took so long to clap back and her 3diss records do not amount to SHETHER at all ever in life!!!! now she messing wit Nas im not surprised if she come back wit an actual diss record we like but I wont respect because I'm always going to assume Nas helped u wit it.

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