Jay Morrison Debates with Vlad on Whether or not Actual Property is a Rip-off

Profitable actual property guru Jay Morrison sat down with VladTV, the place he defined how he left a lifetime of dealing medicine within the streets to turning into profitable in actual property. He revealed that it was on the age of 25 that he realized that the streets weren’t panning out the best way he deliberate, so he determined to go strive his hand in actual property, which he was launched to after doing a stint in jail.

Shifting alongside, Jay spoke about linking up with Jay Z’s good buddy Emory Jones, beginning a document label, and Emory telling him to chase after actual property. To listen to extra of what Jay needed to say, hit the above clip.


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  1. Pessimistic verses Optimistic. Vlad made the ending so …?"uck?" In order to learn, you have to be able to LISTEN! There is a big difference between Hearing and actually LISTENING. That's how you grow. The more you know, the more you grow. How can you know "anything" if you don't LISTEN. You can't be so argumentative "IN LIFE!" Jay is telling you something, and also, so is God himself. …who has already given you a vision on something…positively. From the beginning of his career, Jay could NOT have had that type of attitude or behavior and actually gotten to where he is today. You have to listen thoroughly, and not be so argumentative, Vlad. Have a blessed day…and may God continue to prosper you. (Love)

  2. I hate when someone speaks of their personal experiences as the end all be all. Vlad had a bad experience in real estate so he's saying real estates isn't a good idea. Dumbest shit I heard! Sounds like he was an uninformed home owner got taken advantage

  3. There are so many variables he is leaving out. What time period is he taking about, was during the real estate crash, did he have high interest rates, were you in a rush to sell and forced to sell below market value, etc.. The das thing is there will be people listening to him and take his word as bible

  4. Vlad is trying to argue with a successful real estate guru, whilst being unsuccessful at and owning no real estate at present! Let it go Vlad! This ain't a rapper snitching on himself! Get with the program!

  5. Who is vald to tell him stock a work better cuz he do stock just like a white cracker when it's a black man talking about making millions the right way he got something to say let a mf talk about how he shoot people in sips lean every day his white ass ain't gone say shit

  6. Either VLAD is slow, or just being devil advocate. Comparing just being
    A homeowner to an season investor , is he listening to Jay. Jay is talking about real estate investment, not home ownership. It's easier for many blacks to become real estate investor than day stock traders.

  7. Real Estate vs Stocks
    —–In Stocks if the stock market crashes or electricity goes out, or the internet shuts down for 6 months you arent gonna make money and you invest but only get 1 form of return.
    —–In Real Estate, your value goes up with out doin shit, you rent the rooms you get money, you can even sell it and cash in and then on top of that you can live in it if you really have to.

    Vlad is a piece of shit, he knows nothing about Real Estate he's supposed to be interviewing a genius in Real Estate and yet he still wants to debate Jay Morrison on the subject?
    Fuck outta here, bow down bitch boy

  8. How can you debate a topic you know nothing about… LOL… Even I know you don't need an agent to buy or sale a house. Vlad like, no no no, let's stick to the only part of real estate I know a little bit about, don't talk about owning 4 unit dwellings. LOL

  9. I'm starting to believe Jay Morrison is a scammer. I became very interested in him from YouTube. I felt like the information he gave was very informative. I went to his school and signed up. I was smart enough to get the hall pass before actually investing in thousands of dollars. I have emailed and sent his school plenty of complaints. I receive plenty of promotional emails but have yet to hear a response to the emails I sent in regards to not getting what I paid for. His school is a scam which has me questioning his YouTube channel. The one on one couch has sent me a email but I never got a phone call. They sent a email for access to the school but the link they gave was a fraudulent website.they sent me a link to join a conference call and I was on hold literally 1hour and 47 minutes. No one ever got on the phone. I'm very disappointed.

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