Freeway Rick on El Chapo’s Hidden Fortune: The Government is Lying

Arguably one of the biggest hustlers during the 1980’s, Freeway Rick sat day with DJ Vlad for an exclusive interview where the two discuss the drug epidemic. In this clip, Ricky Ross explains El Chapo’s capture and the government’s tendency to embellish the truth. Ricky is confused as to why El Chapo would consent to an interview after having escaped from jail, deeming it nonsensical considering the complete isolation he will endure at U.S. prisons. Watch above.


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  1. While the Sinaloa Cartel imports and sells whole sale 60% of all the drugs in the U.S alone, they also have a significant presence in Canada and imports much of the cocaine in Australia. They have a presence in much of the North and South America and control 35% of the cocaine out of Colombia while having a large presence in Bolivia and Peru where significant amounts of cocaine is being produced. They also have set up retail drug chains in Argentina, Uruguay, and some of the South American countries.

    People forget that the cartels in Mexico also profit heavily from the retail drug sales sold in their "plazas" or territory they control. Drug consumption in Mexico has increased greatly since the 90s. Besides having presence in North and South America, the Sinaloa Cartel is the main producer of meth in Malaysia and are slowly taking over the African routes into Europe. As the capture of Chino Antrax in Spain shows.

    Rick Rocks organization pales in comparison to Chapo's organization called the Sinaloa Cartel. Rick Ross organization is more comparable to the Tijuana Cartel where it's more regional instead of international without the complex structure of the Tijuana Cartel or power. Rick Ross was big but he pales in comparison to Chapo or Escobar. I would rank him amongst the bigger drug traffickers in America but he is no match and not on the same level as Chapo or the other bigger drug cartel bosses in Mexico or Colombia in the 90s.

  2. Interviewer sucks… has no knowledge of shit it seems and he just goes "yeah" and "uh huh" after everything Rick says. If you can't say fethnayl when talking of heroin epidemic to help Rick, which shows he doesn't know, then why you doing this interview? It's about a drug dealer talking about a cartel head. Have some knowledge. But that's just my opinion. Do your things.

  3. Ricky Ross, El Chapo, Escobar, Manuel Noriega. These are all fall guys for the bigger players that never get jailed. Bill and Hillary Clinton were so dirty in cocaine, it's amazing. Bill was governor of Arkansas when tons of cocaine was being flown into airfields on his watch. It's just like the Bushes, where Poppy as involved in killing Kennedy. It's just like the mafia. You gotta do dirt and have real dirt on you, and then you're in for life. The biggest drug dealers out there, you don't know their names, but they're basically government officials.

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