Stephen A. Feels Sorry For LeBron James | Final Take | First Take | June 14, 2017

Stephen A. Smith feels sorry for Cleveland Cavaliers’ star LeBron James because he believes the more success the Golden State Warriors will obtain over the next few seasons, the more irrelevant LeBron will become.

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  1. LeBron James is the best player and always will be just like the Warriors will be the best team. Why can't people be okay with that?

  2. KD has not arrived…He showed how cowardly he really is. Anyone noticed KD tried to hoist the trophy like Lebron did as if he EARNED it..He didnt He is a fucking mark..plain and simple..a champion now but in my eyes he will forever be the weakest superstar ive ever laid eyes on. Great yes…but WEAK

  3. SAS you digust me…KD has always had these numbers but dont pretend as if he is the greatest player in the world because he isnt He is the 2nd best on the best team in the world.

  4. I dont feel sorry for him what yah going to say when things go wrong for the golden state its no walk in park for them every year cuz the have a super team. Ive seen the same good teams from back in the day to right now lerbon will be back so will durant but them to are not the only best players I still dont see the goldenstate falling off but I also dont see a dynasty just . Yet the nba game comes with so many setbacks I dont trust long term predictions

  5. Everyone keeps talking about Big 3, when on average 10+ different players go with LeBron to his destination throughout that first season. 10+… and he hasn't held the East hostage? How was Dion Waiters flipped for both Shump and JR? A injury exception (that we never seen any other team use) into Mosgov and Frye? A retiring Mo Williams and Mike Dunleavy Jr into Deron Williams, Kyle Korver and Andrew Bogut? You would have to turn on NBA 2K trade overrides to get away with these moves.

  6. im sorry but yall do realize lebron maybe has 1 or 2 more years of elite play, decline will be happening, it just happens to everyone, but last time i checked the warriors aint going anywhere for a long time. So theyll be in the way of james from getting another title.

  7. Kobe was always better than Lebron and when's all said and done…Lebron will not have surpassed even Kobe. Doesn't really belong in a conversation with Michael.

  8. How can you feel sorry for a guy who's been in more finals then some kids have been alive? Seriously where was the competition complaining when the heat were winning against everyone? Stephen a I love you but you got to stop being such a hypocrite. At least be man enough to admit you're a Lebron fanboy

  9. Stephen Smith is talking nonsense here. How can he say that Durant is single handy ruining Lebron career ? The whole darn NBA had to consolidate just to stop Lebron from getting his 4th ring. Is that Durant alone on GSW. U need to stop this messy talk.

  10. Hell never be irrelevant as long as he plays better than every player on the Opposing teams, and in the Finals?? C'mon now,by stats LBJ should have won Finals MVP, and I'm not even a big LBJ fan!!!

  11. I don't feel.sorry for lbj, he brought this upon himself the man came in as the self-proclaimed Chosen One and now that he's falling flat on his face after forming two super teams and now that he is three and five in the finals we're supposed to feel sorry for his ass,give me a break Steven a smith,lbj ain't Ballin like kobe or mj shun,ur boy lebum is the chosen loser is all…

  12. KD should just die.Fuck him.Fuck his reputation.Fuck his legacy.Ah wait, he's legacy is already fucked.I swear nigga gonna be dead someday and I'mma say Good Riddance.o straight to hell.#HATEISREAL

  13. Guy…. This Fake Media News doesn't have a clue. I see injuried coming soon to GSW. They have been the lucky team in 3 seasons. Father Time will catch up.

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