Chief Keef Arrested in South Dakota for Weed Possession and Drug Paraphernalia.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Chief Keef being Arrested in South Dakota for Weed Possession and Drug Paraphernalia.
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  1. South Dakota will absolutely try to give him 10years for both charges.. consecutively. I did 5yrs there. Prison's are full of guys with what's called "possession by ingestion", which means they tested positive for weed in their BLOODSTREAM! Dudes come from CA or Seattle for a wedding, get pulled over for DUI. then they bloodtest them because of the DUI, and they test pos for weed even though they have no weed on them and it's legal in the state they're from. Not only do they get the DUI, which is a Misd.. but they also get a Felony Poss. by ingestion and get a fucking full 10years. lol.. if they're lucky, they get 10years with 5 suspended, so they only need to serve 25% of 5yrs before parole, which is like a year in prison (depending on how many priors they have.. could be 35% or 45%), but then they're on paper (parole) for the remainder of the 5yrs, and if they violate parole by testing positive (or anything else), the judge in South Dakota can, and usually WILL instate the 5yrs that was suspended… SO, they go back to prison for a good 4,5,6yrs before the parole board decides to let them back out. (they HAVE to see the parole board, since they were already out on their IPD (initial parole date), which is like a mandatory parole, so long as they don't get in too much trouble while in prison.The dude is FUCKED. lol

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