Tory Lanez Balls out at Store and Drops $35,000 after employee tries to play him like he’s Broke.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Tory Lanez Balling out at Store and Drops $35,000 after employee tries to play him like he’s Broke.
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  1. Torrey lanez….poster child for wack dumb ass rapper.u dumbest don't u know he got a commission off your dumb ass!!!this shit smells fishy….look like our publicity stunning. thumbs down for Torrey lanez, whoever his dumb ass is. he need to take some of that money and order some online classes!!! for 2500.00 I'll hook em up.

  2. Tory lanes is broke as hell,.. he's so broke he can't put money in my bank account:

    Account number 1871432335

    Some one tag tortvlanes in my bank number and tell I'm I said he's broke

  3. 35000 is over half my mortgage… Lol this dude legit dropped 35G for some clothes and other shit that's been way raised above retail. You dissed this bald headed bitch? No you fucked up, you dropped 35G and this guy will probably be sitting pretty thanks to you. Smh how the hell you give dude your business after he diss you? Way to invest smh.

  4. At the end of the day this Is a grown ass man who made a conscious decision to spend $35 thou of his money..not you alls, so in other words stfu and learn how to realize a stunt being pulled. Bitches…😂😂

  5. Well obviously the staff will disrespect you if you dress like a low life hoodrat. Rich people look and act classy, not walking into a store with his pants sagging smelling like weed

  6. That dumbass lanez the employee won he got your money dumbass doesn't matter who got the commission dumbass had you left without spending your money you win dammm stop smoking

  7. If I had gone into a high-end boutique and was treated poorly I'd just leave. I'm not going to prove anything buy spending large amounts of money. The same thing happened to Billionaire Oprah Winfrey and she opted to just walk out of the store.

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