Offset gets mad at Radio Personality for Tryna Act like his Verses Can’t Cost $250,000


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Offset getting mad at Radio Personality for Tryna Act like his Verses Can’t Cost $250,000
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  1. Nigga if you pose to get paid 250k for a trash ass verse bitch i need to start back rapping i know i could charge at least 100k shit these niggas are garbage real talk

  2. You know he asked her to pay him 250k after she released the song I mean money is been made so he wants bread too y'all hating on him but be turnin up to his verses

  3. I don't think it's too high necessarily. The song has to kinda be a hit if you payin that much though. Even though that's not guaranteed. A Future verse probably that much because he makes bangers. I agree wit AK on the Future part.

  4. Offset is worth 250k…he's asking his self. Listen to "Monday" he's. not satitisfied, he wants more money. Aint nothing wrong with that…I'm pretty sure somebody has paid that price more than once.

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