Nicki Minaj Disses Remy Ma again and claims Papoose Ghostwrote ‘Shether’ and Brags w/ Sales.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Nicki Minaj Dissing Remy Ma again and claims Papoose Ghostwrote ‘Shether’ and Brags w/ Sales.
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  1. The only reason Nicki been winning for 8yrs is because Remy was locked up if she would have been home for that time there would have never been a Nicki Moran..

  2. Never commented in this box before but bro you tripping nicki has built her brand and does not have to respond to nobody if she wants to that's not that much u can say about remy but album sales and ghost writing there's no dirt on remys name wat should she talk about ……tightin up bro she is the queen of rap for a reason

  3. Honestly I love Nicki, been fucking wit her music for a awhile now but I gotta say that her flow is getting old. She been doing the same stuff for the past years like akademiks said. Her verse in rake it up was garbage af. she said China bout 50 times lol I'm just like cmon Nicki. 2010 Nicki is still the best to me like .. 🤷 She need to get back on her dope shit, switch it up ,go hard.

  4. lol, remy rhymed ass drop with ass drop and dumb ass with dumb ass in the same definitional context. nicki did it the right way by describing remys bum ass in a continuation three different definitional meanings in reference to adjectives, adverbs and nouns. remy spits predictable name drops such as "mariah didn't carry, taylor wasn't swift enough, shoot nick with the canon" nicki name drops correctly with with cut through multidirectional points given such as "i call this rock dwayne, johnson stop the playin""i coulda helped you out that pit you fell in/felon, i am degenerous/the generous queen, ask miss ellen", and when attacked for being a barbie she sais bitch please with intense vowel and cadence manipulations for the punchline,"first name anne, last name rraaaaaaaagggeeeeeeddddddyyyyy" lol, yes, nicki IS a LYRICAL bitch. remy, latifah, cardi, lyte, most defiantly are not. lyrical bitches are people like em, smalls, lauryn, leshur, tink, and NICKI. cmon y'all, rem stans don't know shit about lyrics, they only promote bias opinions and spout the words "real hip hop" when they don't know shit about lyrics.

  5. I dont think she is done, but I agree she needs to get hungry again. She is way to comfortable. When SHEther dropped and she didnt respond, I knew anything she put out was going to be an embarrassment to her name. Now, I love Nicki ! I love mixtape Nicki better. I want her to win and show that she is a legend. Getting awards, buying fancy cars and long weaves will not secure her spot on the legend list. I feel if she had responded better to SHEther, her respect level as a MC would not have fell so low.

  6. eh I think honestly a lot of fem c's are just mad she winning so consistently. anyone could have challenged her and they would scream she got bodied. imo

  7. Facts…. The fact that people placed Remy's bars on the standard of lyrically genius of Papoose means she spit some hot shit. lol. Like let's be honest shEther was Hit em up- Tupac disrespectful. 😂😂😂 Anyways… I love Nicki but I also believe she's riding the new wave of rap because that's what's being pushed and marketed. I would like to hear her get back to where she was hungry for it. But we all know that she, Safaree and all her old buddies need to link up.

  8. Black people are naturally jealous of those who are better than them, like White people and Asians even Homosexuals. Which is why they focus their hatred on Asians and Homosexuals. Because they too faced oppression in America and rose above Black people with cars and fashion. This is not slavery mentality. It's the captive mentality from their real slave owners, AFRICANS! Who became rich from selling their own Black people to the White man. Period, it's the truth. Black people like Remy Ma better because she represents being a nigger, which is what 90% Black people are. Did we see Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop? Enough said. Black people never accomplish nothing only when they put another group of people down like the Homosexuals. Black people are haters! Asians make good cars just as good as the Germans and the British do. Where the fuck you see Black and Latino people doing shit better?

  9. see thats some fucked up hating shit Nicki doing. just from me hearing and seeing this I don't like her. its one thing to diss someone who never did shit to you but to try And stop their money that's some corny shit. Nicki only proved to me how fake and wack she is. and for all y'all that's is a fan of hers just show me how y'all are and disloyal just like this plastic bitch.

  10. the person you are referring to is safaree he has been working with her from jump. safaree was roman. she is done fully without him so I suggest she pay him and link back up. drake and tunchei can't help her cuz let's be honest drake sounds like whoever flow he jocks next or whatever Country he just came from. Wayne don't even know where the fuck he at tbh. so she needs to regroup and get actually hungry or keep making music for instagram models.

  11. No coming back from what Remy did to Nikki In my opinion …Remy and Little Kim , Queen , Biggy, Tupac, and a few others were rappers of rage They spit their life experiences which told a unique story and that is what rap was founded on. Now the trap and plastic is where the game has gone. No comparison because the quality of Nikki bars is just not there. That is why hip hop lovers will always come home to Remy Little Kim and queen because they are true to the game.

  12. Just think it's funny for DJ Akademiks to talk about flows bcuz he likes sum funny ass mumble rappers who rap in the same flow all the time. I like sum mumble rap too, but I can admit it can be incredibly repetitive. I think maybe Nicki's a little too comfortable now & she does have a likability problem. but I always like Nicki because she always has that bitchy way about her that makes her very amusing to listen to. I don't think anyone can really tell her how to do what she does. Eight years ago ppl thought she was too much, but she's held her own. Now we will really see if she will sink or swim. The thing Akademiks is saying about her needing to change to make evryone like her doesn't make sense. Maybe her music is just not for everybody. You can't tell an artist the "right" way to change. If you hate it, then hate it. If you rock with it. Good for you.

  13. Nicki needs to redeem herself and get back in the game and stop being soft, get that flow back when you left it in 2014 with pills and potions and started making hype music but not tight music. For instance (Anaconda)is hype, but not tight like (Looking ass)!!!

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