Young Thug Says R&B Singer Jacquees is very ‘Handsome’


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Young Thug Saying R&B Singer Jacquees ‘Handsome’
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  1. there's nun wrong with thug calling jacquees handsome . That's like if you were a boy and your uncle sees you looking good most likely he gone call you handsome . there's no big deal at all .

  2. Man vs Man: Ugly or Handsome??? You're still paying attention to another man's looks! To call him ugly only means he is not sexy or even attractive enough for you vs saying he is handsome. It could be he is handsome but you are afraid to admit it cause you are in the closet or a hater so you all him ugly. Saying Jay Z is ugly and saying nothing on T.I. is the same thing as saying T.I. is handsome. So is it homo or honesty or simply judging? Now attraction is the key and we dress and style ourselves to attract attention no matter what. He's handsome so I need to step my game up, hit the gym, up grade my gear and/or style my hair. Not a Young Thug fan but damn! What is wrong with being honest or simply giving a compliment.

  3. Young thug believes he's a fashion icon…. I been following him for years; I feel like he's not trolling as much here-I honestly feel like he's saying it kind of more from a place of somebody that's secure in their masculinity (maybe a stretch for this man, lol), but hey, maybe he's sayin it like someone would call their nephew or son, handsome.

    Maybe I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here… but let's not give him anymore attention for dumb shit when we can put it up to somethin of reason, Ak! It only gives his troll-powers more clout, ya dig?

  4. Thug my ass!!!! He is GAY!!!!! Idk how many gf's and babies he have , its justed a front!!! Love Gays,Lebians dont like fake ass attention seekers, like Young Thug. He is a sick a$$ mess!!!! Young Thug need some therapy then figure out a happier place for himself. I do want him to win.

  5. akademiks the type to tap you on your shoulder just to make you look over your shoulder and see nobody then when you turn back around he look suspect at a drake selfie

  6. I mean does it really matter if he's gay or not?? Does it mater if he's bi? He still get money at the end of the day… Does it change the fact that his music bump?? Hell nah 😂😂

  7. lol wen he's high asf add he acts fruity asf & sometimes wen da weed so good uu can't control ur mind & how uu act … y'all better be glad he ain't say sexi or daddyish alot of men tell other men tell they handsome wahhs da big deal about dat…notice how lol Wayne called dj khaled a very handsome young g like come on now y'all being childish asf

  8. This is a learned behavior spreading like wildflowers bc these men need male figures and fathers figures at home.They are learing this from their environment school or pple they are around they are not born gay

  9. black males are so fuckin insecure . the most insecure beings to walk this planet dj akedemics inluded. he even is aware of that situation and still admits hes insecure. that right there is [email protected] dude. u say pause almost every other sentence because your soo worried about people thinking your gay. u feint like you dont care but to behonest i can see right through your lipservice. you act above it but your no better than these niggas really. and dj ak i really like u dude your a good guy. but your fucked up like most of these niggas that were educated in the ghetto. and thats sad because i thought u had a bit more education than that. ya sure talk like it buy have those same monkey thoughts just like all the niggqs you rip apart namley the "chiraq goons" only diffrence between you and them is that you dont kill people. but you still think like a Neanderthal and thats sad. learn to rise above and be better. PAUSE

  10. a man can say a man looks handsome and not be gay it can just be like saying ur friend looks pimp. it could just be a complement who knows but i do believe a man can tell another man that and not be gay

  11. No what's fucked up is how ppl keep playn these rappers when all there doing is expressing them selves I don't know what it is about Society and what a man dose or say but I find it to be bullshit we both come from a man and a women just be comfortable with your self all he did was give dude a complement to look farther into it is down right sick especially when you try to judge someone. I don't fucking care gay bi straight trans exc… smh so what we all have a voice lay off his dick

  12. You are tweeken akademiks Jacquees is Fine omg. Tho thugger is probably gay,i believe that is not suspect if one says the same gender is attractive,cute ect.I'm legit hetero but I tell other women their pretty have a great figure as well as men. I think we should be more positive with one another. That's crazy to me how people always criticize people for there appearance no questions asked. We can say nasty disrespectful crap that's OK but your gay and weird for compliments to the the same gender? I'll wait……

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