2 Chainz Responds to People saying he is wearing a Purse ‘NAH.. This a Messenger Bag for RACKS’


DJ Akademiks Speaks on 2 Chainz Responding to People saying he is wearing a Purse ‘NA.. This a Messenger Bag for RACKS’
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  1. <—– Can I please have everyone take a moment and go subscribe to my page? I just started my page and got 2 beats up one is FREE and the other is stream only. i greatly appreciate those who support talent!

  2. Messenger bags have been around for many years. In the 80's when bike messengers in NY were a profession for many, messenger bags is what were used and still used to transport the packages. Of course, some of those bike messengers used by them were canvas and not Gucci or any other high end brand. One thing though, any of these that are tiny are definitely purses. The RRL joint that I have is large enough to fit a 15" MacBook Pro and much more. The whole racks carrying bags that are small, once again, are purses just like chicks wear and place money in them.

  3. I had a messenger bag going to school. It was made by north face and it wasn't tiny like a purse but…. it was just a fuckin bag cause I didn't carry 47 books to school everyday. Some of these niggas like young thug do have purses but nothing wrong with having a bag. These dudes are rich they don't just have a vape and two nickels in their pockets they might be carrying some expensive shit around.

  4. It is a duffle bag or a messenger 💼. And you don't need to have racks to afford a messenger 💼. Now that is a bag for men now however you take it or bookbag equivalence. Persons that practice Law or those Wall Street Stock Brokers use messenger 💼. Can't make everything Homosexual which is a sexual preference not fucking clothing it's with whom you want to fuck and be with

  5. Let them wear what they wear whats wrong with it?? I donk get lips stick and high heels and that stupid shit. But i dont see anything wrong with bags.

  6. Ok so you get a purse to hold your money instead of being an adult and getting a card with a pin number so you can't get robbed for all your money….smart makes sense. Carry alot of cash instead of get a debit/credit card.

  7. It's crazy how these dumbass homophobic niggas In the comments don't know the difference between a purse and a messenger bag lmao. It's basically the same thing you would carry your mac book in. Damn I didn't realize how stupid some of y'all are

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