Rich Homie Quan Locked up after Police Find Weed, Ecstasy and Stolen Guns in his vehicle.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Rich Homie Quan being Locked up after Police Find Weed, Ecstasy and Stolen Guns in his vehicle.
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  1. Maan Akademiks tripping. RHQ got problems …..yeah. but Maan To talk about him like that ain't cool. You talking shit bout the dance that got him the biggest song of 2015 and spent the half of 2016 still booming. Shit bruh. His new mix tape is hot! Have you heard it ? Doubt! Check out his latest videos ….They Lit! Have you watched them? DOUBT!!! You talk shit sometimes without actual facts. People got Quan on lock….not JAIL. The guy will make it man

  2. Free Rich Homie Quan stop talking negative about this man no one perfect stop acting like saints​ you can't believe everything you hear on YouTube further anyone know this guy could be put on more then not what it's or let you hear from RHQ what really happen

  3. post malone was gone for almost 2 years and he came back popping with that stoney album idk about quan this nigga is only relevant when thugger or someone else is on a track

  4. This dude said it amazes me that people still got locked up for weed. Bruh it's the fucking law! Head ass, this why y'all getting locked up, y'all need to stop being so bold with it unless you live in Washington or Colorado.

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