Are the 2017 Golden State Warriors the best team LeBron has faced in the Finals? | UNDISPUTED

Is this Golden State team the best team LeBron James has faced in the NBA Finals? Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to answer that question.
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Are the 2017 Golden State Warriors the best team LeBron has faced in the Finals? | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. MJ only faced 2 Hall of Famers on a team.
    Detroit 4 HoF: Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Rodman, and Adrian Dantley.
    Boston 5 HoF: Bird, Robert Parish, Artish Gilmore, Dennis Johnson, and Kevin McHale
    Lakers 2 HoF: Magic and Worthy.
    Jazz 2 HoF: Malone and Stocton

    MJ had one other HoF his 1st 3 peat. Then 2 when in his 2nd 3peat.

    The biggest problem is MJ didn't let teams win Chips in the 90s. Teams he faced with one or 2 HoF had multiple all stars but because the team didn't get a chip they weren't put in the HoF. Manu of the Spurs won't be a HoF based on the #s, but multiple chips will get him in.

  2. Honestly I think 2016 was tougher should be easier this year …Either way LeBron is the favorite don't listen to anything else. 1+1=2… LeBron=Favorite. It's just the way the world works. I want him to go down like I'm a meathead standing right in the middle of Oakland but realistically it's not the best possibility.

  3. Everyone says GSW is a super team… so are the Cavs. That's why it's been a two team race this whole time. The only team that remotely stood a chance had their best player taken out (Kawhi and the Spurs) and even then they were not expected to win more than 2 games at MOST. This will likely be a 7 game series. Forget Vegas odds, people are vastly underrating the Cavs.

  4. Shannon is making no sense …  He says that the '91 Lakers team Jordan faced was old when Magic was younger than what LeBron is right now, and he's mentioning James Worthy, Jordan's team mate in college, so age shouldn't have been a factor.    Everyone that says that those Lakers were old are either biased or don't know what they're talking about.

  5. Skip Bayless… I think you are an intelligent person but come on man, you make yourself sound like an old fuddy-duddy by always shooting down the current super stars of the league

  6. Jordan have SIX Championship Title. What are these people argument about who is the GOAT. MJ could have 8 Championship titles if he did not play base ball after his father was murdered.

  7. does the best team ever allow 86pts in a half?
    49 in a quarter

    i guarantee you Tristan doesn't get those rebounds on the Bulls
    and Cleveland doesn't get half those shots off in rhythm that they did in either game 3 or 4

  8. durant against the heat spent 3 games in foul trouble and still average 31 ppg. the year westbrook was hurt okc elimated houston from the playoffs and then won the first game against Grizzlies who had the #1 defense and the defensive player of the year. he had Derek Fisher, Reggie Jackson , Kendrick Perkins, Nick Collison as his starting teammates. ibaka who was the second leading scorer was injured. the Grizzlies had no answer for durant in game one so they decided they were going to double and triple team him and force his teammates to score. he was passing the ball to wide open teammates and they missed shot after shot. at the end of the fourth quarters they had two defenders meeting durant at half court just to make sure he wasnt going to even get a shot off. curry stats did drop off in the first two final, but in the first finals he was destroying the cavs in the fourth quarter. i blame him for making the warriors lose last year when he had two inforced turnovers at the end of the fourth quarter of game 7.

  9. ill give skip this, people say he hates on lebron when he loses and lebron still gets his numbers. he's consistent with that even though durant averaged 30 on lebron in the finals when it was okc vs the heat he still says durant came up some cause he's going to get his but it wasn't big impactful performance

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