ERROL SPENCE REVEALS WHAT KELL BROOK TOLD HIM IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FIGHT was on hand at Bramall Lane in Sheffield, England where Errol Spence Jr. captured his first world title, defeating former IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook via 11th round knockout. Check out what Spence had to say about his performance at the post-fight press conference.


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  1. fight pacquiao?? oh hell nah u gonna have to wait atleast 10 yeara for the man to not be able throw combination cause pac man will eat yo ass instantlyπŸ˜‚ plus kell brook already fucked up from the eyea socket and head from ggg he got no mentalitty

  2. it was a good fight went exactly how I expected!.. Spence is a tricky southpaw fighter.. kell couldn't pin him. was loading up but nothing got thru.. And kell is one of the hardest hitters in the welterweight div.. Spence looks very good can see he ain't just hype!

  3. why do people not see that kell eye was already fucked up from TRIPLE G…n he fought to soon because he just did not want to give the belt up…good job errol but ..u beat a hurt fighter…straight up

  4. he was losing every round but his camp knew that the eye would give…but boxing needs a push n kell stepped up n lose…lets see if they would do the same if the table's was turned…got after the weak …that is what boxing is

  5. Here come all the Brook fans making the same excuses as when he lost to GGG. "He lucky Brook injured his eye" or "if it weren't for his eye injury…" lmao excuses excuses . . . excuses.

  6. Errol must be the only black fighter that doesn't thank invisible god for success and blah blah blah. He's probably the only one I wud listen to after his fights. Fuck that God bullshit

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