Trevor Noah on Trump, His Book and Aiming Beyond Your Dreams | BigBoyTV

Trevor Noah stopped by the Neighborhood and spoke about his new book, “Born a Crime”. Also the Trump presidency and a lot more!






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  1. His book is total bullshit..I heard his mother was fucking her local car mechanic and forced Trevor to call that mechanic 'daddy'. Then the mechanic guy found out she was a slut and shot her in the cunt nearly killing the bitch! So this guy has some serious personal issues. After the shooting, his so called daddy apparently wanted to kill this fucker too and guess what, his sex crazed mom liked the mechanic dick so much that she told this monkey to deal with it n shut the fuck up n pay for her expensive medical bills. Thats why this guy hates happy people, happy family like the Trumps n makes jokes at other ppls expense. Sick guy. His dad was some white sailor dude who fucked his mom n left after sobering up n thought trevor was a baby monkey. He still acts like a monkey..stingy motherfucker too..his mom doesnt come to america coz she like real black jungle dicks.

  2. Terrible.
    What the hell is Trevor Noah doing with these ghetto idiots.
    They all talk at the same time. low life niggers .
    Trevor, you going low right there. we are better brother 😇

  3. Trevor Noah said it himself , the majority should rule, but I don't understand why people complain when the white man rule, white men are the majority so what is the problem?

  4. One of the most natural and versatile human being. So young and so mature in everything single words. Damn you make me jealous Trev. What a talent my friend. Yes he is going to host the Oscar, this is planned already.

  5. I really respect this man because he seems to be and takes nothing for granted. He showed many times throughout the interview that he has not succumb to first world thinking. Trevor says, " we used to sit on crates." BIg Boy interjects, " you don't have to do that anymore." He responds with, "  As long as you get where you are going."

  6. Trevor's book will blow your mind. If you think he's the realist now, you know he's the realist after. The craziness this man went through early in life… much respect.

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