TONY BELLEW ASKS ERROL SPENCE HOW HE MAKES WEIGHT; SAYS HE’S BIGGER THAN BROOK & WISHES HIM LUCK was on hand at Peace Gardens in Sheffield, England where IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook and undefeated top contender Errol Spence Jr. held an open workout in advance of their highly-anticipated showdown. Check out the scene as former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew interviewed Errol Spence about making weight.


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  1. People always have to hate comment. Nobody happy with just wanting to see a good fight. I guess everyone needs something to hold onto to make themselves feel special.

  2. I can't wait to see this fight. I'm very curious to see how there gonna respond towards each other. I think I know what Spence is looking for..he's relentless n gonna be on the pursuit. doesn't matter if he doesn't knock him out. he's use to breaking his opponent down anyway. all that said I still can't choose a winner. I learned with the Liam Walsh vs tank fight ya just gotta wait n see. Walsh did all that talking well Mayweather talked more but Walsh fooled..I thought he'd give tank something to deal with at least. n washed away, almost immediately. I hope kell Brook is ready to box cause Spence is coming to kill his body..he's a great body puncher. enough close range fighting n it could be worse than the ggg fight.

  3. Spence says he's the bigger guy, but it's not just about height. Kell Brook has more muscle than Spence and muscle is the kind of weight that you can't really cut. It's definitely harder for Kell to make 147 than Spence, though obviously both are big welterweights. Golovkin walks around at around 175 pounds so he only has to cut 15 pounds to get to 160. Kell Brook probably walks around at the start of training camp at at least 175 so his weight cut is a lot more dramatic to get down to 147 but it pays off if it means he gets to fight guys like Porter (and even Spence) instead of guys like Canelo, the Charlos, Lara, etc.

  4. Most these people just going for the hometown guy and that's ok. but for you bias dudes thinking you know anything about boxing pls shut the fuk up! we looking at the soon to be champ! He don't care about height weight or coming to your backyard! Real man overall! He answers questions clear and with respect! If you don't like him you don't like nothing good in life!

  5. I thought they were in Texas or something when I first saw this but then I remembered that we do actually get one week of sun per year here in dear old blighty!

  6. You make weight by staying in shape ALL the time if your profession is a boxer. The problem with most fighters is that they treat it as a one night job and NOT a profession. You have guys that immediately after a fight win or lose, that gain excess weights of 20-60lbs between there next fights. The fights training camps are 8 -12 weeks and instead of working on being sharp and foot work, etc.. Guys be killing 70% of the camp just making weight. No time to actually study an opponent or be prepared fully. One of the secrets and advantages Floyd had over these guys and he knew it, was the fact that he stayed in shape all the time when he wasn't fighting, so when fight time came he was already at weight give a take a week or two if needed. He played the game like he was heavy party guy by being everywhere all the time at them clubs. It was all game for his opponents to see."The Great Illusion," that kept him on top for 20 yrs straight.

  7. Class act and a great boxer; he does look very weight drained here though. He's getting bigger and thicker as he gets older and I think he should move up to at least super welter very soon. I expect Spence and Brook to weight in at 160+ on the night.
    Body punches will be key in this match up as both struggle to make welterweight.

  8. That's what separates the likes of Pacquiao and Mayweather from these Welterweights today, Pac and Floyd climbed through the weights to reach WW winning world titles along the way, guys like Brook, Thurman and Spence are all big guys who only fight at WW so they get a size and power advantage over their opponents

  9. It's really ignorant for either of them, although I am a Spence fan, to be crowned "King of The Division", when Thurman has been a proven commodity and just this whole year and longer, Dan Rafael and the sports pundits have rated Pacquiao, (which I don't understand how) listed as #1 Welterweight. Thurman #2, Brook #3 and Errol #6. IMO in order for either to be #1 or #2 they should have to beat the number #1 and #2 Fighters. Kell winning should on help him keep his ranking at 3, but if Spence wins, Spence should be ranked at #3 and Kell fall to #6.

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