Jerrod Carmichael & Lil Rel Talk Carmichael Show Season 3 & More

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  1. Lil Rel is so cute…his laugh is so genuine and humble…this show also goes to show that your talent / gift inside of you doesn't die because a season has passed and age doesn't matter…David Alan and Loretta are superb in these roles…so happy for all of them

  2. NBC doesn't really market this show, it seems like the only show that network markets is America Gots Talent. It's sad because it is one of the funniest sitcoms that has aired in a while and has the star power to revive the NBC.

  3. I'm so upset it's called can Netflix really pick it up like Chewing Gum.I loveeeee this show. I flew to Cali just to see this show taping.Please Netflix pick them up for new episodes.

  4. The Carmichael Show for the most won't REALLY be appreciated amongst the mass and 'gotten' until it goes off air and is in heavy syndication. The show, imo, is brilliant in how it tackles much of what's considered "politically incorrect" with its unique use of satire.

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