Tami Roman talks How Relationship with Jackie Christie Went Left on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]


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  1. Tami and the rest of her cast mates are ALL disgusting….I hang out with my friends all the time and we NEVER act like a bunch of uncaged animals in public, fighting and cursing and reading each other until someone is nearly choking another….So NO Tami, you are NOT just like everyone else because some of us have class and we don't act like pure pathetic trash just because someone has a different opinion than yours…..My friends and I have a great time hanging out and sharing things and we can disagree and have opinions without all that Nastiness you and most reality females indulge in….Smh……And Tami hasn't met the right one yet to Beat her Fuckin Ass….Bitch ain't tough….She's just a loud mouth piece of shit BULLY….I have sisters and nieces that would beat the Fuck outta this hoe if she was bumping her gums with them. Trust……And all these radio hosts are kissing her ass with this bullshit love fest for this bombastic animal…Its all TAMI on her videos with the Bonnet on…..LOUD, Ghetto, and Disgusting just like she always is…..smh

  2. Jackie is a drunk and she needs to sit down and stop starting drama own up to your abuse against your daughter and it's a shame how you are and why you not at Matt he donated Evelyn did or said anything not true. you're too old. ☹

  3. At first I believed Tami was a nicer person, but now I see she is a bully. In life there is good and evil; right and wrong. Tami is evil and wrong. I love that Evelyn has grown. It is juvenile to say things like, "I will slap a b-tch." That kind of language is not found in the mouths of grown and mature women.

  4. I love Tammie, but lately she been getting messy. Stay out of Evelyn, and Jackie, mess cuz, you ran back and told Jackie, what Evelyn, said. Don't come for Tammie, she would eat you up and split you out😜😂🙄🤔❤️

  5. Jackie, is bipolar as hell and she need help 5 years of therapy maybe 10 years she actually need help never seen a person don't love her own child that she had her daughter didn't have her and Jackie, you are dark Bitch so just because, you had a baby by your husband and Doug and Shantel, her light skin daughter are in the middle of Jackie, bull shit🤔😜✌🏾

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