Corey Holcomb & The Breakfast Club Analyze Jason Lee Whitlock’s Dilemma

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  1. Mr. Jason is going to be what he is. Everyone has the right to respond to him as they please. I wouldn't reply to him but like the late great Malcolm X said"either right or wrong at least you know where a person stands" and that is the most important thing about a person. The comments made by Mr. Whitlock in his past and present is something he has to remember when you say things that people will reply and you didn't sugar coat your perspective so don't think people will sugar coat their reply.

  2. its been a long time since a comedian made me laugh so much i spit out my food smh, corey funny as hell for real lol, i was eating and when he said that sht about a dip in whitlocks bed and i lost it

  3. ctg: "If we bring Kristin leahy up here, we need angela rye up here to debate her…"

    envy: "we got Angela yee"

    first off, DAMN.

    secondly and most importantly, yee could barely defend herself against kmichelle.

  4. Jason Whitlock knows what's going on in the black community. He just chooses to be a white apologist and there was a time it worked for him but now it just makes him look stupid.

  5. Racism use to mean that as a black person you are or were being denied an opportunity to make a living by getting a education, job or home to raise your family. But now all you here is the rich black coon's perverting its definition to serve their own purpose. Case-in-point: Jada pinkett not enough academy awards, Bill Cosby and Kobe Bryant raping ugly white women, now one of the richest blacks says its racist. Because now someone probably white and with a lot less money gratified his house. You rich coon's need to give me a brake. If you have money, by virtue of the fact, you cant be discriminated against. If you have lots of money I think you shouldn't even be considered black. We poor blacks are just being used as pawns in their wicked game. It is true, money aint gonna buy you pride about how you feel about yourself or make other races worship you. All these wealthy blacks do nothing for the black community, even though they make trillions of dollars annually. I personally wish the kkk gather all these complaining coons beat their backs and burn them to death. If they only knew what the majority of us poor black go thru. The rich blacks do know the suffering of poor blacks but don't care. But only want something to whine about. Instead of Lebron and the rest of these wealthy complaining coon"s having a black owned business in every state, they have multi-million dollar home they don't even use. That my brotheren is self racism. No I'm no coon, I'm a follower of the so called BLACK ISRAELITES AND THE KJV BIBLE.

  6. Jason Whitlock is everything you cited. I pointed Whitlock out on the Bleacher Report (CBS OWN) several years ago as a cheerleader for one of the biggest frauds in sports, GT's John Thompson, Jr. Lebron James is a victim regardless of his financial status, but Lebron has to learn to stay in his lane! His lane is definitely not as a producer of the Documentary related to Muhammad Ali. He is being used as "The Spook that Sits by the Door!" You look behind the scenes and addess this charade or go to You Tude and put Harold Bell and The Legends of Inside Sports for real TRUTH!

  7. The correct term to describe a house nigga is "Sambo", not "Uncle Tom". Uncle Tom, contrary to common knowledge, was the sorta the savior or good guy. Sambo, however, was the traitor or bad guy of the story.

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