Police Claim that Blac Youngsta Rented Van used in incident w/ Young Dolph. He says It was Stolen


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  1. You can lie and snitch at the same time trust me bro . Snitching don't always mean it's true. Alot of ppl who be testifying be lying and adding stuff but they don't give af cause they just wanna make sure they don't do a bid. Niggas will def lie on another nigga to save face

  2. first if i shoot up anything im using a stolen car no my own and not getting out the car to shoot for a quick getaway second dolph not 50 dissing drug kingpins just street lords so why he needed a bullet proof car set up somebody camp have a crazy promoter

  3. Blac gonna say to the detectives," hey guys,I don't have no problem with Dolph,where you get that from?" Then the detectives pull out the youtube videos of Blac in Dolph hood with all his buddies holding guns talking shit and asking wheres Dolph at. lol Self snitching coming back to haunt the shit out of you.

  4. coming from a real street nigga if i had a 1m dollars. why use a van in my name the nigga black yousta fake he wanted nigga to know he did sat shit fake nigga when i sidle on nigga it get another stolen car in use that bitch

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