Kevin Durant says top prospects should skip NBA Draft Combine – Is he right? | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe weigh in on Kevin Durant’s comment that top prospects should skip the NBA Draft Combine.
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Kevin Durant says top prospects should skip NBA Draft Combine – Is he right? | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. Maybe if KD would hit the gym he could post up and make some easier buckets and get fouled to boot. When OKC choked to the Warriors his jumper was off, so maybe if he would have went down in the paint and banged and scored they might have not choked and lost. KD is still a string bean that shoot only jumpers.

  2. Well I think he's right. You can't judge the best player by only bench press or drills. The real star always have their ways to shine. I can see the pic of the top prospect that flop in the real game and the players that come under radar be a star.

  3. steph curry is the goat he will win 7 championships he will be 7-1 in finals and be top 10 in scoring number 1 all time three he already is i think steph is the man the warriors have. steve nash in curry. ray allen. in klay. larry bird in. kd. and. scotty pippen in draymond. nash. allen. bird. pippen.

  4. I think strength does matter for KD. Ok yeah he hitting jumpers all over the place. Game is tied the other team has the ball. KD man he is holding is 6'11 and 260 and he post KD up with 6 secs in 4th qrt. This is where strength comes int play because KD will have to foul the guy or get muscled for an easy two.

  5. Oh wow he wants to bypass an important step in a. basketball player's journey. WHAT'S NEW?

    ill give you a ball but you might take it with you to San Francisco.

    185? Weak.

  6. The worst Combine in the NHL, Wayne Gretzky would have been laughed at just like Durant was. Put Gretzky out on the ice playing the actual game and the laughing stops real quick.

  7. 1) KD got in the weight room since being drafted
    2) Julio Jones' stock rose b/c of the combine.
    3) DL/OL might run the 40, but they pay attention to the 10yd split.

  8. Please don't disrespect Dirk that man won with no legitimate superstar and played in the western conference when it was deep 8 seeds. God damn I hate these two when it comes to basketball.

  9. Combines in every sport are a joke. There is nothing you will learn that you didn't know when watching them play in college/high school. The only time a combine is useful is if you want to evaluate an overseas player.

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