Charlamagne Talks Being Wendy Williams Protege

Charlamagne Tells Angie He Hated ‘Ladies Night’ + Talks Being Wendy’s Protege

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  1. Damn.. this is really what Charlamagne was meant to do. When someone is not getting any money from something but going that hard at it… it was bound to pay off

  2. I don't know why you'd interview this complete sack of shit. Guy is literally the lowest of the low. You stir shit to an unreal amount and nothing that comes out of your mouth is any way shape or form intelligent. What is this cunt even famous for apart from being an ignorant piece of shit. Same goes for tmz too. Bunch of fucking money grabbing shit stirring wank stains. I literally hope you get fired one day so everyone can forget about your sorry ass. Stuck up piece of shit

  3. Wonder how Wendy feels seeing how successful Charlamagne is now. He is everywhere on tv, on radio and now an best selling author. As much as she may try, she can not ignore him Charlamagne is an force to be reckoned with. Honestly feel like Wendy could of stayed out of the beef with Charlamagne and her husband.

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