Credit Coach Jeanne Kelly Talks About Building Credit & How To Fix Credit Problems

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  1. What this lady is saying is BS. There is no way to "fix"your credit once you've fucked it up. The only thing you can do is wait until it's removed from your credit report because in this day and age, even paying a debt does almost nothing once it's on your report. The key is simply not letting it get there, but once it is there, you're fucked. You'll have to wait between 3 – 7 years depending on where you live before it's dropped from your report. Any activity on your report resets the clock, so even if you pay it, and it was due to come off the very next day, it resets the clock. Paying early also does nothing. You can use Credit Karma for a credit report (not the one used by many companies, but it's fucked up on there, it's fucked up at all the others too).

  2. This is horrible financial advice you're talking to a majority of listeners who are in poverty . "Your credit score doesn't measure your wealth or success, It measures your relationship with debt". Your income is your most powerful weapon, not debt, you can't get ahead by borrowing money. They need to bring Dave Ramesy, black people need to hear him.

  3. Good credit will open many doors for you. Bad credit will keep them closed! Manage your credit wisely. Don't go on shopping sprees with your credit card(s). Keep your credit card balance at 30% or lower. Outstanding debt on your credit report? Call you creditor and work out a deal. Make sure the deal includes the creditor deleting the item from your credit report after you have fulfilled your end of the bargain.

    Understanding credit is real simple. Your credit score gauges your reliability with other people's money and your effort to pay your bills on time. Let's do it people. Work on your credit scores.

  4. When I first got my credit card I used it way more than I paid on it & my credit score was shitty. So I decided to have one small bill come from it every month (my Netflix bill) & cut the card up but keep it open. Then I started paying $10 on it every week & a few months later my credit score shot up to 710. Another thing… as far as hospital bills you can write a financial hardship letter asking the hospital to pretty much erase what you owe them because you are struggling financially. It doesn't always work, but it worked for me when I got into a bad car accident. I owed $22,000 & my insurance paid $16,000 so I owed $6000. I filled out a financial assistance form from the hospital & it knocked it down to $700 THEN I wrote them a financial hardship letter & to my surprise they completely ERASED THE $700 I OWED!!!

  5. Sadly most black and brown people don't understand the importance of having good credit. White people have nice houses and nice cars because they know how to utilize credit to their advantage. They typically don't​ pay cash outright for them. Great credit enabled them to get low interest rates on a mortgage or car loan.

  6. Im sorry but when I saw this title I actually laughed. This is the blackest thing i have ever seen lmao. How the hell does any grown ass not know how to handle finances? I had that shit on lock at about 14 when i got my first job. WTF

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