LeToya Luckett Comes Back With New Music, Talks Destiny’s Child, Acting & More

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  1. Matthew should admit Destiny child scandal helped them become the biggest selling group ever if Letoya Luckett and Latavia Roberson were not kicked out they wouldn't be the biggest group ever to hit worldwide. Clever strategy Matthew Knowles deployed to use Latavia/Letoya/Kelly for Beyonces development and confidence as a child to make her secure in her skin as a child than kick 2 original members out when any recognition of the group comes Letoya/Latavia make noise/fight for their rights this gives Queen Bee fame making Beyonce sell. Really she a average R"B singer even from the group Kelly has the most melodic voice hence the Nelly Kelly dileama duet would work while it wouldn't work with screaming vocals by Bee. Don't get me wrong when she came out in "No No No" her vocals and look was up there because she had been invested on but any other member could have sang it. Kelly Letoya and Latavia were spokespeople of the group as Beyonce can't talk even though she upper middle class not street really but they were there used for her confidence why didn't she come out when Aaliyah, Brandy, and Monica were there? Obviously the scandal was used to sell and make Beyonce famous there were so many R"B groups in the 90s 702, Blaque, Brownstone, Envogue, Jade,TLC etc, Scandal sells Matthew Knowles a a marketing genius if they never kicked out Latavia and Letoya Destiny Child would have been a talented but in the R"B sector known band like Brownstone and not trying to get the status of Spice Girls, and TLC. Technically if Jennifer Lopez didn't sell her booty and her beautiful image in the R"B sector Beyonce would have never gone far as a solo artist. She relies heavily on image and for the pop worldwide market technically JLO opened her up as before it was based on a singer being a actual singer especially in the R'B sector. Kelly Rowland is so beautiful and technically more talented,real. If Kelly wasn't there no Beyonce bit like how if Damon Dash wasn't there to help Jay Z in business terms and expanding his market to the wider world Jay Z wouldn't be as pop and known by your Grandmothers and little kids. They wanted to be known worldwide and accomplished through stepping on people mediocre talent or does scandal sell you decide? Matthew Knowles is a corporate business man who only looks after his own i.e. Beyonce

  2. Damn this is weird to listen to without Charlamagne there wow. HUGE difference. Anyway yeah I was like "Ya know she looks a lot like Nia Long here…." but even cuter. I am grateful she's still singing. Always loved her vibe and felt she deserved a chance to shine. She never had it fair in Destinys Child. She seems like a sweet gal too.

  3. All you haters for years have tried to act as if they hate each other! I'm happy she spoke on her friendship with her previous group members!! Love Latoya, her music is amazing.

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