W. Kamau Bell Talks The United Shades Of America, Interviewing The KKK & More

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  1. Good point made about Chicago. Theres a lot of redlining and things like that that happens in Chicago which uplifts certain communities with tax dollars (tax dollars that came from Black people as well) whereas it purposely depresses other areas. People like to point the fingers at the criminals but never address the outside forces that helps provoke violence (for the sake of accumulating more fed dollars).

    Some folks will take the bait, become depressed, commit crimes etc, but a lot dont. Instead of helping those who are weaker and take the bait, we instead like to blame them for not being as strong as us.

    We all Family. Moes, Folks, VLs, 4s, whateva. I look at all of them as family. My issue is with the person that has a issue with me, not everybody on the block. Once we put the petty shit to the side and start looking at one another as family (instead of the problem) then a lot of stuff will change.

  2. why are people talking about him married to a white person. Alot of black woman weren't giving tgis guy play lets be real. Sidenote he's making bank now why won't he get his fro shapedddd.

  3. why are people talking about him married to a white person. Alot of black woman weren't giving this guy play lets be real. Sidenote he's making bank now why won't he get his fro shapedddd.

  4. It's very difficult to take this coon seriously when he tackles subjects like street gangs in Chicago, the KKK and the Indeginous nations in the USA when he constantly has that stupid smirk on his face. He's also married to a white woman and should not be trusted as he loves his own enemy.

  5. This negroes interview with the oldest terrorist organization on the planet (the KKK whose history makes ISIS look like angels) was pathetic. He laughed and giggled throughout the interview, asked no serious critical questions, something no white interviewer ever did when interviewing Farrakhan, Minister Khalid or any Black nationalist. But hey, the station is owned by white supremacist and I understand why the always chose Black athletes, comedians and actors as opposed to Black socialist, psychologist and professionals to host such serious programs on race in amerikkka. The goal is not to identify the real source of amerikkkas race problem (which is white supremacy) but to misdirect and mislead. They should have interviewed a group of racist police officers, teachers, judges, employers, real estate agents, movie producers and/or politicians and questioned them about their racist attitudes. That would have been more relevant, and more revealing as well. But lets pretend we (non whites) only have to be concerned about groups like the klan.

  6. Kamau Bell would consider black ppl in a KFC commercial a racist stereotypical representation of black Americans. He would also consider no black ppl in a KFC commercial racist for not using any actors that represent a good percentage of customer base. One of those black dudes that searches for racism in life's random occurrences, when 99.9% race was not even an afterthought. Of course he'd find my comment racist , even though I'm not white.

  7. KRS-1 made a very good point about the KKK. where are the members when they aren't wearing the robe and pointy hat? are they wearing police uniforms? doctor scrubs? Judicial judge robes? suits in congress? the McDonalds uniform while making your burger? also who washes these robes and pointy hats? a cleaners? what cleaners takes KKK uniforms? think about i.

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