Mary J. Blige Gets Extremely Emotional And Real While Talking ‘Strength Of A Woman’

Mary J. Blige fans pulled up to the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City to attend the much-anticipated ‘Strength Of A Woman’ Album Release Party hosted by Angie Martinez. Mary talks how this time in her life has been extremely hard, how creating Strength Of A Woman has been very therapeutic and much more.

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  1. I support you, Mary I love you so much we Capricorn sisters 1 day apart… you get thought this like alway's I'm going through it after 29 years of wasted years Wow, you alway's come up with a song that related to my life all time the first time I seen you and J.C I told my Wasben " She gonna be a Queen". Ohh so many time The My Life CD I wore it out. The strength of a Woman is my song. Among others all day @work XXX000 lOVE yA sISTER

  2. 😂 Mary apologizing for profanity…😂. It's just the hood in her. Mary has always been messy, hooking up with the wrong men and pouring the pain into her music. Depression seems to be her lifestyle. I hope she will take some time and live single for a while and allow God to heal her from the very roots of those pains.

  3. Mary you did your thing. set me free I learned the words in 10 minutes. The album is the best. I play it over and over. I had a similar situation. The money was not in that arena. But the hurt, betrayal and disrespect was the issue. Love you and love the album. Mad love for you.

  4. Hurt to hear her say somebody was better. She needs to open up her eyes and realize she was the better one everything happens for a reason maybe all those years he felt she was to good for him he was the one with the insecurities So that other women was not better than you Mary she was just better for him because a women like you Mary is just way to good for a man like that, keep your head up and no that you are #1. Remember he needed you but you don't need him he looched off your money for years and still need your finacial support cuz he wasn't man enough or good enough for you and you didn't need a man to take care of you because you can do it in your own always have and I believe you always will but all is understood no one in live wants to go through such a thing. MJB

  5. I been loving Mary since day 1. She is the Realest and coined her own authentic style that's dope. One thing I would love to tell Mary is it seems she carries a guilt with her all these years that she made it out projects while others didn't. just an outsider point of view. Let that go baby if it was them and not you they would step on you on way and never look back baby girl. And further, you deserve it you are gifted and genuine

  6. 2:352:56 Pure truth, that is the only way to get over a serious brake up. Realize that it will get better and focus on your own growth and personal development. Evolve into you best form, become your 100%….If i had an album that is what i would call it, 100% or Evolution lol Side note: one of them damn Herms bracelets she got on?…3,500 dollars, i wonder how much her entire outfit cost.

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