Machine Gun Kelly Addresses Sell Out Comments + Talks New Album ‘Bloom’

Machine Gun Kelly speaks to fans that call him a sell out, talks about staying true to his core fan base, and discusses his new album “Bloom’.

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  1. I don't think he's a sell out, I still like MGK I just don't think this was his best album. Just a little too Paramore and Blink 182 to me. Not something I can bump in the car though.

  2. How can he say he hasn't sold out lol yeah okay everyones noes a fan of the news stuff and you can't deny his old stuff was fire yes okay but you got to understand the whole movement and everything he was rapping about on the come up has completely disappeared! He doesn't have anything raw anymore and he will feature with any artist on earth for money = sellout!

    Don't believe me? Did you know he features with Little Fucking mix???

    Absolutely insane how can you go from breaking news, wannaball, sail, till I die, Eddie cane! I mean his old stuff was amazing! Straight up garbage what he's releasing now! Someone prove me wrong and link me to one good song he's released in the last 3 years lol? Exactly

  3. I called this come up last summer. Sending his freeystyle to my peoples saying he's about to blow up. Everybody told me he had his run and he was over. I'm not even a huge fan. Kids got talent tho.

  4. He said its a happy album, but tbh some of the songs have some sad lyrics especially the last 3 songs. I still really like the album tho, anyone else notice this?

  5. Calling an artist a "sellout" for progressing in their career is stupid, it's lake saying an employee is asked to become a manager and everyone says "aw you're a sellout" how?

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