Kodak Black Avoids Prison after Judge says He Only Has to Complete 30 Day Course’ to Get out of Jail


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Kodak Black Avoiding State Prison after Judge says He Only Has to Complete 30 Day ‘Life Skills Course’ to Get out of Jail.
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  1. bobby shmurda gs9 and Kodak black are different situations kodak has parole violations bobby and his crew were linked to murders drugs dealing arms dealing trafficking a whole bunch of shit he was lucky to get 5 years and three left with time served

  2. man Kodak blank nigga stop smiling with ur bottom teeth showing nigga u ain't good looking fuck nigga u not liked and Kodak blank while u in that tan prison outfit sitting down at the table in the court room u look like a fucking animal and u gotta lint ball in ur fucking hair u bum nigga. a nigga like Kodak blank bet not look at me ya heard mynigga βˆ†

  3. when he first came out of jail I thought he was going to be more mature as well. But apparently he been thinking about how to catch that 13 year old girl outside how about that LOL. this nigga disgusting

  4. If a klan member drew a picture of Kodak and it was completely accurate I would be offended πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that nigga looks like a racist interpretation of black people

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